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Wine of the Week for week ending 12 Jul 2009
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Johanneshof Noble Late Harvest Riesling 2007
Marlborough, New Zealand

Dinner with my sisters on the occasion of the younger one's birthday gave a chance to open a dessert wine. Winter is good for 'stickies' as they can go so beautifully with warm sponge-like puddings.

The wine we took was Johanneshof Noble Late Harvest Marlborough Riesling 2007 and, OMG, this is just so yum! Beautiful in appearance with its rich, bright golden hue - the bouquet is hedonistic offering scents of apricot, orange honey and some characteristic VA. The texture is viscous - thick and nectar-like - yes, flavours of peach nectar with apricot and orange honey - thick in texture but fine in its attack - long and pure with wonderfully cleansing acidity that balances the unctuous sweetness and a lingering taste of toffee and crème brulee.

I looked at Neil and rolled my eyes - "oh honey honey, honey," I said.

Initial accompaniment was carrot cake pudding with vanilla ice cream - absolutely perfect. Just a small glass each was all we needed. Now it is a few days later and we are sipping the leftovers and it's even more divine. You don't need very much either, "just a little kiss, honey, honey," - as a lingering aftertaste of golden syrup-soaked raisins stays around in the mouth for ages.

A recent 'Best of Class' and silver medal winner in the Australian Boutique Wine awards - this was also Best of Class in my tasting but definitely of gold medal quality for me.

The back label tells me this has 9% alcohol by volume but there's no clue to the residual sugar other than the statement it is comparable to the great "Beerenauslese" of Germany. Let's just say this wine is not suitable for diabetics. The bottled is closed with a Diam-type cork and the retail price is around $38 to $40 a bottle. If you want to know where to buy, check out the Johanneshof website.

© Sue Courtney
6 Jul 2009

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