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Wine of the Week for week ending 12 Sep 2010
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Rockburn Stolen Kiss 2010
Central Otago, New Zealand

I've got rocks in my head after four days at the 38th National Gem and Mineral Show for which I came out of rock club retirement to coordinate the national competition on behalf of North Shore Rockhounds Club, for which I've been a member of since I got married. I've been thinking of wine names that would be appropriate. Names like Gem, Jasper, Obsidian, Wild Rock, White Diamond

But before the gem show is even over, the New Zealand International Wine Show got underway and on Sunday morning through early afternoon I was at Albany Stadium helping with the wine show setup before heading to West Wave in Henderson for gem show breakdown. Wile judging at the gem and mineral show last Thursday night took only between two to three hours, judging at the wine show, for which there are about 2100 entries this year, takes six panels of three senior judges three days.

For the first time this year I'm not judging but as usual I am doing the notes for the official little booklet so I get to taste every gold medal wining wine and of course all the trophy winners, once they are found.

Meanwhile I haven't had much time for anything, even kisses had to be stolen, so this gorgeous new release with its evocative name is most appropriate.

Rockburn Stolen Kiss 2010 is a gorgeous watermelon pink-coloured wine that performs best with chilling. The bouquet is reminiscent of heady peach blossoms* and glace cherries. Made from pinot noir it has the grape's natural savouriness with fruit reminiscent of strawberry and watermelon and a lovely long mouthcoating finish. It's a perfect sipper best served chilled to enjoy on a sunny afternoon or to accompany wood smoked salmon - either as an entrée or canapes.

*We picked a blossom off the tree - see them in the picture to the left of the wine bottle - the scent of the wine and the pink Golden Queen peach blossom is so similar, it's uncanny.

A Stolen Kiss costs about $20 and this one has 14% alcohol by volume. Check out for more.

© Sue Courtney
6 Sep 2010

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