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Wine of the Week for week ending 7 August 2011
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Palliser Estate Riesling 2010
Martinborough, New Zealand

It's August, the worst of the winter is over, the daffodils are ready to burst into bloom and the lambs are frolicking in the paddocks, albeit muddy paddocks. And spring is in the air with this ravishing Palliser Estate Riesling.

This Riesling came to my attention in a blind tasting of half a dozen medium-to-medium-dry Rieslings the other week. I've decided I prefer 'tasting' Rieslings in winter because of temperature issues and when the wines came out of the box in the unheated spare room, it was like they had been lightly chilled on a hot summer's day. They were at a perfect temperature for tasting and held their temperature throughout the session; unlike in summer when the wine in the glass, sipped slowly, warms to the ambient air temperature.

The other reason for Riesling was the panko-and-furikake-crusted pan-fried gurnard we were having for dinner.

Palliser Estate Martinborough Riesling 2010 continues the fine tradition of this lower North Island label. The fresh citrussy aroma is tantalising and inviting and the flavours are juicy with tropical fruit to the fore and citrus that tends towards grapefruit. It has beautifully balanced sweetness to acidity with the perceived sweetness on the dry side of medium. But what really endeared me to this wine was that it was the only one that proved to be a scintillating match to my seafood meal. I thought Riesling was a no-brainer for seafood, but sadly it seems that it is not always the case.

Palliser Estate Martinborough Riesling 2010, $18, is the current release. Alcohol is stated at 12.5%, residual sugar is 7.6 grams per litre and while the TA and pH are not mentioned, I'd say it would sit nicely in the 'medium dry' area of the Riesling Taste Profile scale. It's not sweet, it's not too dry, it's not too screechingly acidic, it's simply juicy and fruity and sure to please.

Widely available or check out the website for more info and to buy online,

© Sue Courtney
1 Aug 2011

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