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Welcome to Sue Courtney's web log (blog) of vinous ramblings.  One day I'll update it to proper blogger software but right now I haven't the time to research which blogging software is best, nor do I have the time to teach myself how to use it.  I'll stick to archaic html to record my daily events.  It's my on line journal and an adjunct to my website which is for more formal tasting notes and articles.

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2012 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Dec 2012
Dec 31st: Riesling to the occasion - Part 3: Rippon, Dry River, Pegasus Bay, Rockburn
Dec 21st: Riesling to the occasion - Part 2: Auburn
Dec 20th: Riesling to the occasion - Part 1: West Brook
Dec 13th: Mahurangi River's 2010 vintage excels

Nov 2012
Nov 26th: Alexandra pinots have the x-factor
Nov 18th: AirNZ Wine Awards and some stats from the past few years
Nov 12th: Diversity at instore wine tastings
Nov 8th: An obscure variety or two

Oct 2012
Oct 31st: George Fistonich: Winemaker
Oct 25th: Gold Medal List Updated
Oct 17th: How to make a picnic wine glass holder
Oct 12th: The NZIWS Champions List booklet is out
Oct 3rd: Highlights from the NZIWS Awards Dinner - Part 3: Vic Williams
Oct 2nd: Highlights from the NZIWS Awards Dinner - Part 2
Oct 1st: Highlights from the NZIWS Awards Dinner - Part 1

Sep 2012
Sep 20th: You can't beat a good Burgundy
Sep 17th: Gold Medal Summary Update
Sep 9th: Outstanding Osawa Pinot from Hawkes Bay
Sep 5th: The Pumas are in town ...
Sep 5th: My Radio Live wine chat ends - looking back on what we tasted

Aug 2012
Aug 31st: Blue wine for a blue moon
Aug 30th: Yes, Gewurztraminer really can reward with cellaring
Aug 29th: Seifried stars on TV and radio as well as in the glass
Aug 29th: Gewurztraminer Feast
Aug 28th: The Shorty Street Wine Experts
Aug 22nd: Beetle Juice - Pinot for Beetles?
Aug 22nd: Top Ten Wine Trends from the last Ten Years
Aug 15th: Hot Reds from Hawkes Bay
Aug 8th: Babich Ve-ohn-ne-ay
Aug 1st: First taste of 2012 Sauvignon Blanc

Jul 2012
Jul 30th: Four year old Pinot Gris with balance, equilibrium and harmony
Jul 26th: First look at 2011 Pinot Noirs
Jul 25th: Yalumba and their Shiraz Viognier
Jul 18th: Doctors' Riesling and Waitaki Wine Week tasting dates
Jul 14th: The French Connection
Jul 11th: Getting into bubbly mode for Bastille Day
Jul 4th: A Zin for American Independence Day
Jul 2nd: Sip by Sip at First Glass Wine Options 2012

Jun 2012
Jun 30th: Grasshopper Rocks into my Home
Jun 30th: Four Central Otago Pinots with Rack of Lamb
Jun 29th: Life's too short to drink bad wine but ...
Jun 27th: Heart warming Fine Old Muscat on a wintry cold day
Jun 26th: Corked wine - making the best out of something bad
Jun 20th: A whale of a wine to mull over
Jun 13th: Affordable Bordeaux
Jun 6th: Serious Merlot at an affordable price

May 2012
May 31st: Rabbits take over the Ranch
May 24th: At the Abbey
May 21st: Celebrating last month's International Malbec Day
May 16th: Main Divide Pinot Gris 2011 on Wine Me Up Wednesday
May 15th: Just where do you buy that wine George Wyndham?
May 9th: Playing Wine Options one last time
May 7th: Meeting the Messenger
May 2nd: Top 50, Top 10 and Giesen The Brothers Chardonnay
May 1st: Wrights of Gisborne, vegetarian wines and first taste of 2012

April 2012
Apr 23rd: For champions of Chenin, Forrest delivers
Apr 16th: V is for Vegan - and there are wines for you!
Apr 11th: What kind of wine shopper are you?
Apr 10th: A is for Arneis

March 2012
Mar 21st: Wine Me Up Wednesday: Waimea Classic Riesling 2009
Mar 18th: Who is Clark Estate and isn't two Degrees a telephone company?
Mar 17th: A little bit of the Irish in Te Mata's iconic Coleraine
Mar 14th: Decanting Woodthorpe Syrah and the 'slosh jug' way
Mar 11th: Misha's in the Limelight
Mar 8th: Johnny Q on Radio Live
Mar 7th: Kumeu River Pinot Noir harvest - a photo essay
Mar 1st: The grape harvest is getting near

February 2012
Feb 29th: Romantic Tiki Rosť on Leap Year Day
Feb 28th: Eureka - A New Star is born
Feb 27th: Gold Medal update - Sydney International and Royal Easter Show
Feb 26th: Cuisine Aromatics - Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris
Feb 23rd: Sensational Japanese food and wine matches
Feb 22nd: Wedding Wine on a Budget
Feb 16th: Tips for a New Zealand wine lover's vinous survival in Australia
Feb 14th: Top Valentine's Day tipple
Feb 13th: Biodynamic winemaking taking off
Feb 7th: Wine of the Week: Passage Rock Waiheke island Pinot Gris 2011
Feb 1st: Mills Reef, Maui and Heron's Flight on Wine Me Up Wednesday

January 2012
Jan 31st: Keeping cold on a hot summer's day
Jan 31st: Wine of the Week: Rippon Central Otago Gamay Noir 2011
Jan 23rd: Wine of the Week: Heron's Flight Unplugged Dolcetto 2011
Jan 23rd: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 10 - First Estate but not the last
Jan 20th: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 9 - The white sands of Karikari
Jan 18th: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 8 - The road to Russell and Omata Estate
Jan 12th: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 7 - Marsden's Landing
Jan 10th: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 6 - Top Gun Marsden Estate
Jan 9th: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 5 - Chambo at Ake Ake
Jan 5th: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 4 - Fat Pigs and Labradors
Jan 4th: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 3 - Pukekos everywhere
Jan 3rd: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 2 - TBO at Cottle Hill
Jan 2nd: Touring New Zealand's Vinous North: Part 1 - A collection of quirky labels

2011 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

December 2011
Dec 31st: Wrapping up my New Zealand Wine Year
Dec 31st: Christmas Wine Highlights
Dec 21st: Drinking with Paul Henry on Wine Me Up Wednesday
Dec 20th: Two Pink Sweeties, Belated Thanks and Recent Wednesday Tasting Highlights
Dec 20th: Festive Bubbles
Dec 12th: And now for something completely different
Dec 9th: Back from a long weekend away, sans car
Dec 2nd: Top Pinot Gris a difficult food match and Wednesday highlights
Dec 1st: Tasting note catch-up on recycling day

November 2011
Nov 30th: The glass does make a difference
Nov 26th: Invivo and Waimea make real Sauv too
Nov 25th: Pascal Schiele presents Gustav Lorentz of Alsace
Nov 23rd: Low alcohol Sauvignon Blanc - does it deliver
Nov 22nd: Gemstones in my Blushing Monk Rosť
Nov 18th: Wednesday 'Wine Me Up' Highlights
Nov 15th: Wine of the Week: Morton Estate Black Label Chardonnay 2007
Nov 14th: Villa Maria Trade Day tasting
Nov 13th: Villa Maria makes wine show history
Nov 12th: 25 years of the Air NZ Wine Awards and Wednesday's highlights
Nov 9th: Ruby and Tawny go head to head on Radio Live
Nov 7th: Wine of the Week: Chard Farm Riesling
Nov 6th: Sages of the NZ Wine Industry reflect on the past
Nov 5th: Air NZ Wine Awards ups #NZwine gold medal tally
Nov 4th: Talking about wine and roses on Radio Live
Nov 3rd: A 21-year-old Chenin Blanc
Nov 2nd: A 33-year-old vintage Port

October 2011
Oct 29th: Cellared Neudorf, brand new Greywacke and other vinous stars
Oct 27th: Learning about Chianti for a tasting on Radio Live
Oct 24th: Drinking Dog Point Marlborough Chardonnay for the RWC Final
Oct 23rd: Drinking Australian wines for the RWC Bronze Final
Oct 19th: NZ v France taste-off on Radio Live - hysteria takes over
Oct 16th: How many wine shows do we need?
Oct 12th: Talking about Rosť with Paul Henry on Radio Live
Oct 10th: Pinot Gris excites with several stars revealed
Oct 5th: Tasting Syrah, Shiraz and Petite Sirah on Radio Live
Oct 4th: Ring around the Rosies

September 2011
Sep 30th: Stoneleigh with Latitude
Sep 28th: Wine me Up Wednesday on radio Live: Ranking RWC countries by wine production
Sep 27th: A Sacred tasting with Tony Bish
Sep 22nd: Wine Me Up Wednesday: Ten Tips for Cellaring Wine
Sep 21st: Growing old Gracefully
Sep 18th: Wine of the Week: Ake Ake Northland Merlot 2009
Sep 15th: Wine Me Up Wednesday: Savouring the North
Sep 12th: Wine of the Week: Muddy Water Unplugged Riesling 2009
Sep 10th: All Blacks, Pinot Blacks and Beetlejuice
Sep 8th: Book Review: Pinot Central by Alan Brady
Sep 7th: Wine Me Up Wednesday: Legends, Achievements, Roaring Meg and Slapjack
Sep 5th: Cabernet Day - Kidnappers Cliff, Te Awa and Mills Reef
Sep 4th: Glitz, Glamour, Trophy Winners and Legends
Sep 1st: Wine Me Up Wednesday on Radio Live: Kumeu River, Nautilus and Twelve

August 2011
Aug 31st: Wine of the Week: Nautilus Marlborough Cuvee
Aug 29th: 174 NZ wines win gold in August
Aug 24th: Talking with Paul Henry on Radio Live about gimmicky wine labels
Aug 24th: Wine of the Week: 199 Gold Medal Wines
Aug 23rd: Kumeu River and Melba's Potatoes
Aug 18th: Talking about wine and wine shows with Paul Henry on the Radio
Aug 15th: Wine of the Week: Rock Ferry Central Otago Tempranillo 2009
Aug 14th: Tasting someone else's favourites
Aug 11th: Stellar reds from north of the tunnels
Aug 10th: A Highs and Lows Tasting
Aug 9th: Wine of the Week: Gladstone Wairarapa Pinot Noir 2009
Aug 8th: Seduced by Viognier
Aug 5th: Wine Me Up Wednesday and a very expensive white
Aug 1st: Tasting Rieslings in Winter is better

July 2011
Jul 29th: Outstanding Cabernet Shiraz blends from Yalumba
Jul 27th: 100 Must-Try New Zealand Wines
Jul 27th: Getting lost on a regional tour of Chardonnay
Jul 27th: Weekend Wines: Rock Ferry, Seresin, Palliser and Coopers Creek
Jul 23rd: Dry River - the Audrey Hepburn of Pinot Gris
Jul 22nd: National Poetry Day - Vineyard Poem
Jul 21st: Talking about the price of wine and Shingle Peak on the radio
Jul 20th: Auburn Rieslings - versatile and food friendly
Jul 18th: Winemaker visits and Wine of the Week
Jul 17th: Rant: One reason why I don't usually score wines
Jul 15th: A twittering winescribe
Jul 14th: French Onion Soup and Alsace Pinot Gris
Jul 13th: You can't do facial expressions on radio
Jul 11th: Wine of the Week, Wednesday Roundup and Yoga
Jul 10th: Lunch with the Churtons
Jul 10th: Trivia - Top wines at Webb's auctions in the 2010/2011 year
Jul 10th: Auckland on top in the Spiegelau International Wine Competition
Jul 7th: Warm, cosy, cuddly Merlot
Jul 6th: Becoming redundant as consumers take over
Jul 4th: Finding a wine to toast American Independence Day
Jul 3rd: Taylors from the Clare Valley with Helen McCarthy

June 2011
Jun 30th: More Gold Medal winners announced
Jun 29th: Wine of the Week: Riverby Noble Riesling 2009
Jun 26th: First Glass Wine Options - the 2011 event
Jun 25th: Felton Road Block 3 Pinot Noir 1998 and slow cooked mushrooms
Jun 24th: Cuisine's magazine's top Shiraz and Syrah tasting
Jun 24th: Coming soon and a Fromm star
Jun 21st: Short Days, Long Nights and Matariki
Jun 18th: Gewurztraminer at the Negociants NZ Roadshow
Jun 17th: Pinot Gris vibes from the Negociants NZ Roadshow
Jun 16th: Be Cos - Europeans at the Negociants NZ Roadshow
Jun 15th: Great Gewurztraminers from the 2009 vintage
Jun 12th: A tasting with Alastair Maling MW
Jun 11th: Does Viognier age?
Jun 9th: Vibes from the Eurovintage Roadshow
Jun 8th: Breidecker - something you don't see every day
Jun 6th: Queen's Birthday Honours to viticulturists
Jun 5th: Treasure from the cellar - St Jerome
Jun 4th: A kiwi take on matching food with Gewurz
Jun 2nd: Gossip Wire - Stonyridge, Mudbrick, Pay for reviews, etc
Jun 1st: Waiheke Winegrowers come to town: 2011

May 2011
May 30th: Very nice viognier
May 29th: The art of blending whites
May 28th: A Matter of Transparency
May 25th: Kiwi wines banned from Aussie shows: NZIWS the scapegoat
May 23rd: Wine of the Week: Georges Road Riesling 2010
May 21st: Something old, something new
May 16th: Three-Year-Old Riesling
May 15th: Duck with Orange Star Anise Sauce, Pinot Noir and Syrah
May 14th: Value Sauv, Class Chard and Juicy Peen-o
May 12th: Takutai - the coastal connection
May 10th: Tasting some of Bob Campbell's rising star producers
May 9th: Alternative Sauvignon Blancs - where do they fit in?
May 6th: Is there a case for sub-regional Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc?
May 2nd: The bridesmaid turns heads in a Distant Land
May 1st: Here we go gathering nuts in May

April 2011
Apr 30th: Blues, Breakers, Brides and Brown Bros
Apr 28th: Gorgeous Gewurz, Tasteless Thai and Wireless Woes
Apr 21st: Sauvignon Sadness
Apr 20th: Edel Weiss
Apr 18th: A stunning quartet of Merlot Malbec blends
Apr 17th: World Malbec Day
Apr 14th: On the Pinotage bandwagon again
Apr 13th: Birthday Chardonnay Treat
Apr 11th: Lifesavers, corkscrews and Wednesday's tasting
Apr 7th: Vale Mr Purple Death
Apr 5th: Reefers and Jungle Juice
Apr 4th: Syrah from the Island
Apr 3rd: Easter Show trophy winners
Apr 2nd: It was April Fools Day, but this Sauvignon Blanc wine was no joke

March 2011
Mar 30th: A bloody harvest, by Jove
Mar 29th: Pinotage comes of age
Mar 27th: Muddy Water turns grey
Mar 23rd: Going ga-ga over Gewurztraminer
Mar 22nd: Harvest Moon in Hawkes Bay
Mar 18th: New wine blogs I like
Mar 14th: Persimmons and Pinot Gris
Mar 13th: Mighty Te Mata
Mar 9th: Quake impacts wineries and Seductive Pinot Noirs from here
Mar 6th: Seductive Pinot Noir from elsewhere
Mar 2nd: Auckland harvest underway
Mar 1st: Gold Medal Update

February 2011
Feb 28th: Easter Show and Sydney Gold Medals
Feb 27th: Three Sauv Blancs show varietal diversity
Feb 28th: Easter Show and Sydney Gold Medals
Feb 23rd: The future is a promise to nobody
Feb 20th: Hunters Rieslings have Heritage
Feb 15th: Who really planted Marlborough's first grapevine?
Feb 13th: Peaches and Soljans Chardonnay
Feb 10th: Sideways goes Vertical
Feb 9th: Air New Zealand wins sky high wine awards
Feb 6th: New Zealand Reserve Pinot Noir
Feb 5th: Surprising 'Red Bubbles' Gift
Feb 3rd: You get what you pay for
Feb 2nd: NZ wineries safe in mass sell off

January 2011
Jan 26th: Australia Day Toast
Jan 23rd: Sauvignon Blanc - the definitive salad wine
Jan 18th: Sparkling Sauvignon Star
Jan 17th: Wild South on the East Coast
Jan 13th: Capricious Arneis
Jan 11th: Feeling Groovy
Jan 10th: Chill your whites this summer
Jan 7th: Bannockburn in 1998
Jan 6th: Blood-red wines on the Matakana Wine Trail
Jan 1st: An old wine for a New Year

2010 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Top

December 2010
Dec 31st: Reflecting on 365 days just past
Dec 24th: Last Minute Christmas Preparations
Dec 23rd: Late Harvest Heaven
Dec 21st: I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas
Dec 20th: New Zealand Riesing Challenge
Dec 18th: Delicious Riesling confusion
Dec 16th: Pizza and Pinot at the Beach
Dec 12th: Bubbles week: Part 7 - Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
Dec 10th: Bubbles week: Part 6 - Other Varietals
Dec 9th: Bubbles week: Part 5 - Morton Methode
Dec 8th: Bubbles week: Part 4 - Daniel and his Sabre
Dec 7th: Bubbles week: Part 3 - Jacob and Coconut Spaghetti
Dec 6th: Bubbles week: Part 2 - Virginie
Dec 5th: Bubbles week: Part 1 - Clayridge
Dec 1st: Sauvignon Blanc a winner with Oysters - and more

November 2010
Nov 30th: Pinot Gris Class of 2009
Nov 29th: Pinot Gris Class of 2010
Nov 23rd: You don't have to be 'Elite' to be the best
Nov 21st: Peregrine soars to giddy heights
Nov 20th: Tiki's Winemaker revealed, a few tasty Sauvs and Squealing Pigs
Nov 14th: More Wine Show Gold Medals
Nov 7th: Kidnapped at a Cliff
Nov 1st: Pinot Noir Vertical

October 2010
Oct 31st: Festival of Wines
Oct 28th: Festival of Roses
Oct 27th: Godello is Verdelho
Oct 23rd: Waiting for Godello
Oct 21st: More wine show results
Oct 19th: Mimi, the new girl in town
Oct 18th: Hello, hello, goodbye, goodbye.
Oct 17th: Is wine really cheaper than water?
Oct 8th: Rimu Grove Pinot Gris 2009 x 2
Oct 6th: Martinborough Vineyards Chardonnay 2008
Oct 5th: Bella by Invivo Sauvignon Blanc 2010
Oct 4th: Blackenbrook Nelson Muscat 2010
Oct 2nd: Seresin Estate Chardonnay 2008
Oct 1st: Toi Toi Brookdale Reserve Pinot Gris 2009

September 2010
Sep 29th: Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Sep 28th: Boulders amongst the vines
Sep 26th: Morepork from Fat Pigs
Sep 20th: The Best of the Best
Sep 10th: Gold Medals Galore
Sep 6th: A Stolen Kiss at Show Time

August 2010
Aug 31st: New Vintage Thrillers
Aug 30th: Lots of Newsy Bits
Aug 29th: Chris Keys' Passion for Pinot
Aug 25th: New vintage Pinot Noirs surprise
Aug 23rd: 60 new wine reviews
Aug 19th: Drinking the Savvy Dregs
Aug 17th: Another Classy Auckland Chardonnay
Aug 13th: Delicous Dolcetto and Tempting Sangiovese
Aug 10th: Sacred Hill on the TV
Aug 6th: Hyping up my favourite wine regions
Aug 2nd: Drinking with a Star
Aug 1st: The Day After the Night Before

July 2010
Jul 31st: Blast from the Past
Jul 30th: Six Juicy Merlots
Jul 28th: Drinking is good for you - but what kind of drink
Jul 27th: Distributor News
Jul 26th: Wine from the Heart
Jul 25th: Sauvignon Blanc Weekend
Jul 23th: Blockbusters at the Wednesday Tasting
Jul 22nd: More about Echolands
Jul 20th: New Stop on the Kumeu Wine Trail
Jul 19th: The Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand?
Jul 18th: Taumarunui on the Main Trunk Line
Jul 16th: Token Bastille Day Wines
Jul 15th: Tempting Malbec
Jul 14th: Potato, Cheese, Soup and Chardonnay
Jul 13th: Kaffir Lime Aromatic Delight
Jul 11th: Blind Tasting Confusion
Jul 8th: Black Barn's Mediterranean Trio
Jul 4th: Born in the USA
Jul 2nd: Paying Homage to Syrah
Jul 1st: Bracken's Law and Order

June 2010
Jun 30th: Syrah from the heart
Jun 29th: Running with Ducks
Jun 27th: Oz is in the room - Wine Options and Wednesday Tasting Redux
Jun 25th: The taste of summer in winter - First of 2010
Jun 24th: Rugby and Wine do mix - off the field
Jun 20th: WOTW: Kumeu River Chardonnay and Wednesday Update
Jun 10th: WOTW: Pinot Noir and Pate
Jun 7th: Wine Competition Update plus the Wednesday Tasting
Jun 6th: Auckland's Best Restaurants according to ....
Jun 2nd: John Hill, Waimea, Wild Earth and Moana
Jun 1st: Review: Crowded House

May 2010
May 31st: South Island Redux - Part 9 - Marlborough
May 30th: South Island Redux - Part 8 - Nelson Day 2
May 27th: South Island Redux - Part 7 - Nelson Day 1 cont'd
May 15th: South Island Redux - Part 6 - Nelson Day 1
May 11th: South Island Redux - Part 5 - Driving the Wairau Valley
May 9th: South Island Redux - Part 4 - Driving the Awatere Valley
May 7th: South Island Redux - Part 3 - Canterbury
May 6th: South Island Redux - Part 2 - Mt Beautiful
May 5th: South Island Redux - Part 1 - Yealands
May 2nd: Weekend Catchup
May 1st: Autumn Colours at Kumeu River

April 2010
Apr 16th: Back to the Wednesday Tasting gig
Apr 14th: Wine of the Week: Bay Glen Canterbury Pinot Gris 2008
Apr 7th: Good Friday vibes with Johanneshof
Apr 4th: Wine of the Week: Auburn Twilight Riesling 2009
Apr 1st: It's no joke and the Pinot is definitely good

March 2010
Mar 26th: Time Travel
Mar 22nd: Monday Update Te Mata and Trophies
Mar 18th: A Series of Sauvs from Sileni
Mar 17th: A Prime perspective of Prophet's Rock
Mar 15th: Monday Update sharing the love
Mar 11th: Pinot Noir 2010 videos online
Mar 10th: Meeting Nina from Catalina
Mar 9th: Nautilus Estate's 25th Anniversary
Mar 8th: Harvest Festival at West Brook
Mar 6th: Gold Medal Summary Updated
Mar 5th: Highlights from Wednesday's Tasting
Mar 4th: Treasures from a Cellar - Part 3
Mar 3rd: Treasures from a Cellar - Part 2
Mar 2nd: Treasures from a Cellar - Part 1
Mar 1st: A Zone Becoming a Boundary

February 2010
Feb 28th: A Savvy Weekend
Feb 28th: Reading Between the Scores
Feb 24th: A Lavish Lunch with Locharburn Wines
Feb 22nd: It's not unusual
Feb 20th: Central Otago Pinot Noir vs Central Otago Pinot Noir and a magnificent Marlborough
Feb 18th: New Central Otago Wine map and new wineries
Feb 17th: Thai Lemongrass Pork and Gewurztraminer
Feb 16th: Peach Soup and Pinot Gris
Feb 15th: The new Lawson's Dry Hills 'Pioneer' range
Feb 14th: Valentine's Day wine for Petrol Heads
Feb 12th: Pinotage Party
Feb 11th: Pinot Noir 2010 redux
Feb 10th: Plagiarising Wine Notes
Feb 6th: Wednesday's tasting highlights
Feb 5th: Pinot Noir Week - $30 and under
Feb 4th: Pinot Noir Week - A Dry River mini vertical
Feb 3rd: Pinot Noir Week - A New Zealand history Part 1
Feb 2nd: Pinot Noir Week - Auckland beauties under $25
Feb 1st: Pinot Noir 2010
Feb 1st: WOTW: Pegasus Bay Bel Canto Dry Riesling 2008

January 2010
Jan 30th: Focus on Spain
Jan 29th: A Dry Riesling food match
Jan 27th: Riesling drinkability
Jan 26th: Australia Day bubbles
Jan 25th: WOTW: Alpha Domus AD Aviator 2007
Jan 24th: Focus on Italy
Jan 22nd: Spinning a story with something different
Jan 19th: Riesling Highlights and Wine of the Week
Jan 18th: Tasting Big Name Australians
Jan 14th: June in January
Jan 13th: Message on a cork
Jan 11th: Saving the best bubbles 'til last
Jan 9th: Swooning over Moscato
Jan 7th: Boom Diddy Boom
Jan 6th: Another Hawkes Bay bubbles
Jan 5th: 'H' is for Hill, I presume
Jan 3rd: Messages in the 'firsts' of the Year
Jan 2nd: WOTW: Gladstone Wairarapa Viognier 2009
Jan 1st: Lobster Reef evokes summer, sea and fun

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