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Featured Publication
for period ending 19th December 1999

The Colour of Wine
by Kevin Judd

kevin Judd with 'The Colour of Wine'
First published in 1999
Craig Potton Publishing, PO Box 555, Nelson, NZ
ISBN 0 908802 53 6

If there is one book every wine lover should have, this is the one. A unique New Zealand publication, this is a book of Kevin Judd's superb photography of grape vines, vineyard landscapes and other things vinous.

Kevin Judd is one of New Zealand's most respected winemakers, better known to many as the magician behind the fresh, clean, zingy favours of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.

However, wherever Kevin goes, his camera is not far away - the photography passion, lurking for years somewhere in the subconscious, awoken and fuelled by the colours of the vineyards through the seasons and the effects of light at different times of the day.

Although many readers will have seen Kevin's photographs published in wine magazines both here and overseas, the book brings, for the first time, a collection of Kevin's best images of Marlborough from the last seven years. The result is a gifted winemaker's view of his own terroir.

Divided into seasons, the photographic journey starts in the Spring and budburst of the new season's growth. Exquisite close-up images show every tiny detail. As the journey continues, the vines grow lush and the landscapes change dramatically.

The 108 page book has about 108 photos, all but one take by Kevin. Kohen Judd has the honour of photographing his father in the winery.

Michael Cooper writes the six-page introduction about the Vineyards of Marlborough and there's a map of the area, showing the vineyard locations, to accompany this.

This book just has to be the New Zealand 'Wine' book of the year. It certainly gets my vote as such. The RRP is $NZ49.95. Worth every cent in my opinion. However, Christmas is not far away, so be sure to whisper your request for this beautiful book in Santa's ear.

The book should be available in all good book stores within New Zealand.

Overseas readers might like to contact Craig Potton Publishing for an international mail order. The address is

Kevin Judd is in the process of setting up his own web site where he will have on-line some of his exquisite photos. The Pinot Noir grape leaf shoing on the web site page is the one that graces the jacket of The Colour of Wine. Check it out at

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