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Wine of the Week for week ending 26 December 2000
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Lindauer Grandeur

The Lindauer range of sparkling wine has been a market leader in New Zealand since first launched in 1981 and it is no wonder when the standard Lindauer is so reliable, offering quality drinking at often an under $10 price tag.

Bottle shot of Lindauer Grandeur But Lindauer has been expanding, firstly with the launch in 1996 of the excellent value Lindauer Special Reserve (often found for under $15) and now there is the latest addition to the range, the Lindauer Grandeur (about $35 - $40).

Lindauer Grandeur lives up to its grand name, from its smartly packaged fancy bottle to its fabulous flavour. In fact it is one of the most delicious sparkling wines from New Zealand that I have ever had the fortune to drink.

The wine looks good from the moment it is poured. White froth erupts then subsides as the tiny bubbles race each other to the surface and escape or gravitate to the edge of the glass, revealing an 'onion skin' skin coloured liquid with just the slightest tinge of pink. It's fascinating watching the bubbles, most are very tiny and rising at the same speed, but there is the occasional bigger one that rapidly ascends.

The wine smells inviting with its creamy yeasty scents, like those emitting from a freshly baked lemon fruitcake decorated with nuts and candied peel.

Then in the mouth it is rich and full with a very fine creamy texture and flavours at first of bread and toast then citrus and nectarine. Then there's a touch of lively but subtle spice (nutmeg comes to mind) lingering on the sweetish finish, the flavours dancing on the palate for an exceptionally long time.

Lindauer Grandeur is made from a blend of 70% pinot noir and 30% chardonnay with 90% of the grapes sourced from Marlborough, the rest from Hawkes Bay. The cuvée is comprised of reserve wine from the vintages of 1991, 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1998. A small proportion was matured in oak. It was made at the Montana Brancott Winery in Blenheim by winemakers Mark Inglis and Julia O'Connell. It has 12% alcohol by volume, 7.6 g/l total acidity and 10 g/l residual sugar,

This is a beautifully made wine, definitely one of the best I have ever tried from New Zealand.

As it's the Festive season, why not ignore the budget and pull the cork on a Lindauer Grandeur to experience it yourself, or if you have a special friend worthy of a special gift, what a lovely present this would make. Be sure to buy the bottle in its presentation, metronome-shaped packing. It definitely looks grand.

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