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Wine of the Week's Featured Publication Archive

    • Current Review - January 2009
      First Big Crush
      by Eric Arnold

    • December 2007
      The latest crop of Wine Guides
      by various authors

    • January 2007
      Marilyn Merlot and the Naked Grape
      By Peter F. May

    • August 2005
      How to Drink a Glass of Wine
      By John Saker

    • February 2005
      Clair Cuisine
      Vinous Recipes from Saint Clair Wines

    • June 2004 A selection of books for the mid winter blues
      • Peter Saunders' Guide to New Zealand Wine 2004

      • Michael Cooper's Buyer's Guide 2004

      • Jeremy Oliver's Australian Wine Annual 2004

      • Tyson Stelzer's Seal of Approval

      • Matt Kramer's Making Sense of Wine

      • Andrew Jefford's Choosing Wine

    • February 2004
      Wine into Words
      By James Gabler

    • October 2003
      Wine in New Zealand
      By Caroline Courtney, Austin Langford and Stephen Woodham

    • July 2003 Screwed For Good - The case for screwcaps on red wine
      By Tyson Stelzer

    • June 2003 Wine Fact & Fiction
      By Andrew Jones

    • January 2003 Wine and War
      By Don and Petie Kladstrup

    • December 2002 A selection of books for holiday gifts
      • The Grape Taste of New Zealand

      • Cuisine Wine Country

      • Michael Cooper's Buyer's Guide 2003

      • Joelle Thomson's Under $20 Wine Guide 2002/2003

      • The Penguin Good Australian Wine Guide 2002/2003

      • Jim Budd's Great Wine Tours of the World

    • December 2002 Wine Atlas of New Zealand
      By Michael Cooper

    • October 2002 Cellaring Wine: do-it-yourself solutions
      By Tyson Stelzer

    • August 2002 Canterbury Grapes and Wine 1840-2002
      By Danny Schuster, David Jackson & Rupert Tipples

    • June 2002 Pioneers of New Zealand Wine
      By Dick Scott, photographs by Marti Friedlander

    • May 2002 100 Years of Kiwiana
      By Richard Wolfe and Stephen Barnett

    • Dec 9th 2001 Taste of the Earth
      By Keith Stewart

    • Nov 11th 2001 Vineyards of New Zealand Cookbook
      By Julie Le Clerc and Vic Williams

    • Sep 23 2001 The Wine Tasting Workbook
      By Jancis Robinson

    • August 12 2001 Vintage Feasting
      By Joy Sterling

    • July 8 2001 The Essential Wine Tasting Guide
      By Glen Green

    • June 9 2001 Pocket Guide to Wines of New Zealand
      By Michael Cooper

    • May 13 2001 Zin - the History and Mystery of Zinfandel
      By David Darlington

    • Feb 4 2001 New Zealand Food, Wine and Art
      Photography by Ian Baker and text by Jeanette Cook

    • Dec 15 2000 The Global Encyclopedia of Wine
      Peter Forrestal, Consultant Editor.

    • Nov 15 2000 The Wine Lover's Cookbook
      By Sid Goldstein.

    • Oct 15 2000 The Fine Wines of New Zealand
      By Keith Stewart.

    • Sep 24 2000 Confessions of a Wine Lover
      By Jancis Robinson.

    • June 30 2000 The Rewards of Patience
      A drinking and cellaring guide to Penfolds Wines. By Adrian Read and Andrew Caillard MW.

    • Apr 30 2000 Guides to Wine Grapes
      Two reviews. Jancis Robinson's printed pocket book and Anthony Hawkins Internet Guide.

    • Feb 27 2000 Oxford Companion to Wine
      Jancis Robinson's second edition of arguably the best wine book ever published.

    • Dec 19 1999 The Colour of Wine
      A photgraphic journey through the seasonal changes in the vineyards of Marlborough. By Kevin Judd.

    • Nov 14 1999 A Long Finish
      A mystery novel sent in Piedmont, by Michael Didbin.

    • Aug 1 1999 Winemakers of New Zealand
      First publlished in 1964, this is a good background to the NZ wine industry.

    • Jul 11 1999 The New Spain
      By John Radford. An award-winning guide to Spain and its wines.

    • Jun 20 1999 Max Schubert, Winemaker
      The story of the man who 'invented' Australia's most famous wine - Grange.

    • May 23 1999 The Story behind the labels
      Fascinating insight into wine labels the world over. By Andrew Jones.

    • Mar 21 1999 Viticulture in New Zealand
      A step back in time to Romeo Bragato's 1905 publication for the New Zealand wine industry.

    • Feb 28 1999 Chasing Cezanne
      A novel by Peter Mayle of 'A Year in Provence' fame.

    • Feb 7 1999 Vines in the Valley
      A history of the development of the wine industry in southern Central Otago, by Bill Bodkin.

    • Nov 29 1998 Australian Wine - From the Vine to the Glass
      My favourite Australian wine book. The second edition has just been released.

    • Nov 15 1998 The Heartbreak Grape
      By Marq de Villiers. A search for the perfect Pinot Noir. Essential Reading for pinotphiles.

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