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edited by Sue Courtney

Wine Reviews - Gewurztraminer
2004 vintage and older
by Sue Courtney
Last updated 5 Dec 2010

Although some of these tasting notes may be found elsewhere on this site, this page brings together most of my Gewurztraminer notes, listed alphabetically by Producer. Click here for rating systems and abbreviations.

[2010 and younger] [2009 - 2005] [2004] [2003] [2002] [2001] [2000] [1999] [1998] [older] [index]

2004 Vintage [top] [index]

Allan Scott Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A tank sample. Typical of the vintage with lots of flavour characterised by rose petals, Turkish delight, spices, musk and luscious fruit. A bit phenolic at this stage but has the good for the long haul. 13% alc. 20Sep2004.
A ripe gewurz with apricot on the nose and apricot in the palate together with citrus, spice and musk. It takes a while to reveal its true varietal character; delicate and light-textured with medium-dry sweetness. 13% alc. $15.95. 23Nov2005.

Amor-Bendall Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) That typical Amor-Bendall yeasty character underlies the pink smoker lolly, musk and lemon flavours that fill out to a spicy finish. 13% al. $22. 22Aug2004.

Askerne Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Sweetly aromatic, seemingly light and delicate but with all the right things going on with musky spices to the fore. There's spiced honey and a slightly earthy character as it builds to a long rich finish with clove-like spices emerging on the after taste about a minute later. 13.5% alc. 5g/L rs. 22Aug2004.

Astrolabe Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A sweeter wine, bordering on late harvest in style. Lightly spicy with tropical fruits leading into ripe juicy peaches with a spicy tingle to the finish and on the lingering aftertaste there are hints of clove and fennel. The back label suggests it could be matched to desserts. I would match to stonefruits or pears poached in a little Gewurztraminer or perhaps even red wine infused with cloves and a cinnamon stick, or a spicy plum pudding. 13.5% alc. 20 g/L rs. $21.95. 22Aug2004.
Pale in colour with sweetly scented Turkish delight aromas and musky fruit sweetness, a wine with lovely balance and flow. Soft, warm and oily, packed with Turkish delight, rose petal, tangelo juice and Asian spices with citrus peel to balance the sweetness and a long, full finish, it will take some serious chilling this summer. 20 g/L rs. 13.5% alc. $19.95. 29Sep2004.

Bladen Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 Sweetish, musky, good firm backbone, it fills out in the palate with musky spices and an exotic finesse. Let the wine open up after popping the cork to let the exotic spices emerge on the nose as well. With a tart, citrus peel character to finish it tastes drier than the sugar component suggests. 12.5% alc. 13g/L rs. $22. 22Aug2004.

Black Ridge Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2004 Pale coloured, quite viscous in texture, soft and sweet fruited with lovely spicy notes and a long juicy finish with citrus tartness on the finish to balance the sweetness, and lingering flavours of musky pink smoker lollies. Stop fermented. The fruit jumped 4 degrees in brix levels in just a week after the pre-harvest frosts. 14% alc. 15 g/L rs. 5Oct2004.

Brookfields Ohiti Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Nice aromatics, soft and pungent, delicate musky lemon flavours, a little nutty at this stage, needs to evolve. 14% alc. 14Jul2004.
A little closed, biscuity on the nose but definitely showing some varietal traits. A drier style, lemony and a little phenolic to start, but becomes quite full and long in the palate with mouthfilling richness and weight. Lovely oily texture with stonefruits and Asian spices on the long, full-flavoured, white flower finish. Just take a while to open up. Picks up an earthy trait when tasted with my Pork and yam Casserole. 14% alc. 5g/L rs. $18. 9Sep2004.

Brunton Road Reserve Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A full-flavoured, pale-coloured wine with abundant aromas and luscious flavours Turkish Delight, lychee and musk with just a touch of orange zest on the spicy finish. Fattening up nicely. 13% alc. $21.95. 29Jun2005.
Pale-coloured with floral, honeysuckle and citrus flower aromas overlain with honey and spicy, musky flavours infused with lemon honey, baked apple and toffee-butter with just a touch of citrus peel coming through to linger on the warm, sweetish, slightly oily, finish. 13% alc. $21.95/$18.95. 13Jul2005.

Coopers Creek Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A musky, rose petal style with plenty of spice and a warm backing of lychee juice with just a hint of honey, leading to a long, spicy, medium-bodied finish. Delicate but smart. 14% alc. $18. 22Aug2004.

Corbans Private Bin Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2004 (c) Light gold coloured with sweet orange, lychee and Turkish Delight scents, an oily - almost creamy - texture, delicate honey and good phenolic weight. Fantastic varietal definition with lingering spicy, musky, rose petal flavours and beautiful balance makes this off-dry wine almost ethereal. 13.5%. 9Nov2005.
Light gold coloured with sweet orange, lychee and Turkish Delight scents, an oily, honeyed texture and good phenolic weight that adds a lemony nuance. An off-dry wine with good varietal definition and lingering spice and musk. 13.5%. $18.95 special. 7Dec2005.
Light yellow gold in colour, sweetly fragrant with rose garden, musk and pink 'smoker lolly' aromas and a beautiful texture, on the edge of viscous. It's a drier style with flavours of exotic spices, orange honey and lychee juice and a long, warm, spicy finish with excellent varietal character throughout. 13% alc. $18.95. 18Jan2006.
Light yellow gold with delicately aromatic scents of rose petals and spice and ripe, sweet fruited, spice-imbued flavours. There's a touch of honey, hints of orange, musk and flower nectar while its smooth in texture and perfectly balanced without being overly sweet and the finish is full of delicately mouthfilling flavours. 13.5% alc. $18.99. 22Nov2006.

Crossroads Destination Series Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2004 A drier style with plenty of flavour characterised by a lemony backbone, spices, lychee juice and a sweet musky aftertaste. 12.5 % alc. 8 g/ rs. 20Sep2004.

Crossroads Destination Series East Coast Gewurztraminer 2004 A medium sweet wine that starts off well with a rich oily texture but there's a slightly bitter character mid palate, then barley sugar and sherbet lolly flavours reinforce the sweetness. Overall it lacks varietal definition. 12.5% alc. $18.95. 30Apr2005.

Dry River Estate Gewurztraminer 2004 Pale straw gold. Aromas quite understated at this stage but very pure with lychee and rose petal scents. The floral notes on the nose continue into the palate with rose petals, cloves, fruit sweetness and beautifully balanced phenolics with orange and musk lingering on the long juicy, perfumed finish. A rich, oily looking, 'leggy' wine with a rich, viscous texture, after its delicate start it builds in power. Coriander, ginger and lemon Turkish Delight linger on the aftertaste. 14% alc. $40. 30Apr2005.

Dry River 'Lovat' Martinborough Gewurztraminer 2004 Ripe, musky and juicy with a honeyed viscosity, wonderful fruit, power and length. Lemon, musk, spices and just a slight herbal lemon grass nuance as the aftertaste fills the mouth. Has the potential to age but with the luscious factor almost overflowing in this wine, it is already delicious. 14% alc. $36. 20Sep2004.
Glints of 24-carat gold flash through the rich straw-coloured hue. Sweet smelling with a delicate lemon honey, apricot and Asian-spice fragrance and a rich and concentrated palate. Totally luscious with fantastic viscosity, delicious flavours of sweet musk, lemon Turkish delight and exotic spice. Seemingly delicate, but with hidden power, the flavours build on the palate and the finish is lifted and long. A sweet, rich wine that finishes dry. The balance is perfection. When I tasted it last September I thought it already delicious. It is even more so now. 14% alc. $36. 30Apr2005.

Forrest Estate Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) At this stage, it's quiet on the nose but show good potential in the palate. It's a medium style with a slow release of musky spicy flavours and a tickle of ginger on the long, long finish. It will probably be in its element by November. 14% alc. 22Aug2004.

Framingham Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Abundant aromas of rose oil and Turkish Delight lead into a rich palate with high alcohol, soft acidity and pungent flavours that are almost overpowering at first. It's filled with musky, sweet citrussy flavours with coriander and ginger spices lifting the finish and the aftertaste lingers on the palate, becoming quite steely and dry with Orange blossom accents. It turns from overpowering to moreish. With its soft acids it can be chilled to the bones and really needs food to complement it. Thai is perfect – not the soup that accompanied the Framingham Pinot Gris – something more like Gai Rui Fai - Traditional marinated whole chicken with Thai herbs served with a flaming plate. 14.5% alc. $26.95. 23Nov2004.
Light gold. Turkish Delight, lychees, smoker lollies on the nose, rich and powerful in the palate, sweetish with nicely balanced apple and citrus acidity, a lightly oily texture, warming alcohol and a powerful finish with a cheek-tickling, spicy aftertaste. Fresh, ready and easy going. 14.5% alc. $25.95. 27Apr2005.
Pale lemon, fragrantly scented and exotically flavoured with lychee, rose petal, spiced orange honey and ginger. Warm and slippery and seemingly dry but it has the luscious factor - and while it has lost the vibrant pungency of its youth, the finish is still long and powerful. 14.5% alc. $25.99. 31May2007.

Johanneshof Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 Rich, concentrated and honeyed, a beautiful satiny textured wine with lovely viscosity that plays on the palate with delicate spices and classic musky, rose petal, ripe stonefruit and citrus flavours. A wine of lovely balance and weight, intense, not overpowering, very good indeed, the flavours creep up to linger with excellent persistence. With its delicacy it could be lost in a judging line-up but I rate this highly indeed. 31Aug2004.
Super concentration is the hallmark of this outstanding gewurztraminer. It's a medium sweet style with a perfume of roses and Turkish Delight and a mouthfilling flavour that is a fusion of delicacy and power with beautifully clean fruit, a hint of honey, lingering lychee flavours, a sprinkling of spice and just a hint of orange-water. Persistent in its aftertaste but with its sweetness it really needs to be served chilled on summery days. 13.5% alc. $28.95. 16Mar2005.

Kathy Lynskey Wines Marlborough Single Vineyard Gewurztraminer 2004 Dry, spicy, a little yeasty at first, it slowly opens up to become a full-bodied, rich version of a dry GW with ripe spicy fruit heading towards the stonefruit spectrum and musky pepper on the long warm finish. A very powerful wine with just a touch of oak to add complexity. 14.2% alc. 22Aug2004.

Kemblefield Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A little smoky on the nose and suffering from SO2, which will blow off with aeration. Quite tight in the palate with a spritzy prickly feel to the tongue, the fruit is sweet and opens up to a musky spicy finish. 22Aug2004.

Lawsons Dry Hills Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Lovely aromatics with varietally distinct musky scents, it's spicy in the palate with lovely fruit weight, a touch of ginger and mouthfilling richness, it has a dry spicy finish and a musky aftertaste that is full of the flavours of rose water and Turkish Delight. Another sensational GW from the Lawsons. 14% alc. $21. 24Aug2004.
Light gold in colour with an abundant bouquet of rose petals, violets and lychees and showing excellence balance and finesse in the palate. A dryish wine with spiced apple and stonefruit flavour and a long flavoursome spicy finish, not too overpowering which will make it a good accompaniment to food. The lovely musky floral traits expected in good gewurztraminer, linger. 14% alc. $21.95. 6Oct2004.
Rich, intense, varietal with musk and smoker lolly aromas, a warm, oily texture, loads of ginger and white pepper spice and a long, dryish, pungently perfumed, rose petal finish. A year in the bottle has made the roses blossom. 14% alc. $21.95. 14Sep2005.

Lincoln Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Smoky, musky, definitely those pink smoker lolly flavour in this light, floral style of GW that has a muskiness to the lightly sweetish, spicy finish. 13.5% alc. 5g/L rs. $19. 22Aug2004.
Strong smelling, earthy and rich with powerful Turkish Delight, honey and pollen indicating perhaps some botrytis influence. Juicy and spicy in the palate, like freshly squeezed orange juice laced with ginger and cloves, and a warm, toasty, almost melted butterscotch finish.. With lots of citrus it is at the riesling end of the gewurztraminer spectrum. Juicy and drinkable. 13.5% alc. $19. 30Apr2005.

Matua Valley Judd Estate Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Unusual aroma, a little earthy, later quite honeyed. Off dry with low acidity, musky flavours mid-palate and a lemon honey and ginger root finish. Seems to lack vitality and excitement, otherwise straight up and down. 14% alc. $28.95. 30Apr2005.

Mills Reef Estate Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Strongly perfumed with pungent aromas of flowers, cloves and Turkish Delight, there is absolutely no doubting the variety with its rose petal muskiness. A rich, strong, oily style with just a sweetness and spice on the rose water finish. A sweeter style with good varietal definition. 13% alc. $15.95. 8Sep2004.
Typically varietal on the nose with rose petal to the fore, full flavoured, rich and spicy with a powerful muskiness and a sweetish finish. Offering everything you expect of the variety, this is great for quaffing though holds it own with food. 13% alc. $15.95. 9Sep2004.
Pungently aromatic with clove dominated spices and Turkish Delight, the palate is just as intense with its musky rose petal flavours. Ripe with low acid and a touch of sweetness, it is lifted and clean with a smooth texture, a floral spicy citrussy aftertaste and a terrifically long palate pleasing finish. It’s an absolute bargain to boot. 13% alc. $15.95. 23Feb2005.

Mills Reef Reserve Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A more elegant restrained, dry style, not so 'in your face' as its stablemate, this has a warm, lemony, Euro-like influence with an oily texture and long full flavours of citrus, exotic spices and lychee juice with a long musky aftertaste. Tonight it was a little overshadowed by the sweeter Mills Reef Gewurztraminer tasted first. 12.5% alc. $22.95. 8Sep2004.
Musky scented, a little herbal at first, together with clove. Lemon, white flowers, honey and clove in the palate, slow to evolve but builds to a long lemony finish. Good with food, it holds it flavours. 12.5% alc. $21.95. 9Sep2004.
Straw gold, a little phenolic on the nose, this seems like a sweeter gewurztraminer with spicy citrus, musk, cloves, a hint of lychee and orange peel. There's a tingling to the musky finish of this wine as the ginger and white pepper spice flavours linger, and it finishes dry. 12.5% alc, $22.95. 8Dec2004.
Light gold with a floral perfume infused with lychee and spices, and dryish to the taste with strong grape, apple and musk flavours and a spicy aftertaste that builds in power and lingers for ages. 12.5% alc. $22.95/$19.95 13Jul2005.

Millton Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A little phenolic on entry but quickly becoming bright and spicy in the oily textured palate with a tartness to the fruit and a tingly, slightly musky, full-bodied finish. Opens up well and lingers with good persistence. 13% alc. $22. 22Aug2004.

Montana Patutahi Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Light gold in colour, it shows thick legs in the glass after swirling which correlates to the viscosity of this soft, sweet, slightly flabby style. Soapy, floral, honey and lavender scents and sweet orange and mandarin citrus infuse the honeyed flavours with hints of allspice and burnt toffee on the warm finish. It's oily textured and bottle aging has introduced a “Euro” nuance to the flavour. 13.5% alc. $31.99. 18Jul2007.

Montana Reserve Gewurztraminer 2004 A blend of 77% Gisborne and 23% Marlborough fruit made in a seemingly dry style with quit crisp fruit and good mouthfilling richness packed with musk, rose petal, lychees and a lemony note to the lingering finish. 15Sep2004.

Nobilo Icon Rarangi Gewurztraminer 2004 Pale gold in colour, and full of spicy aromatics with ginger, anise and five-spice powder scents, youthful tasting in the palate with mandarin and orange zest brightness, spiced stonefruit and a musky, lychee-flavoured finish that really fills out as it lingers. Beautifully balanced throughout. Rarangi is halfway between Napier and Gisborne. This is the first Icon GW for a number of years. 13% alc. 4Aug2004.

Saints Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Rich and honeyed to the nose, the wine smells quite sweet, perhaps there is some botrytis in here as it reminded me a little of an Alsace V-T style. Lovely delicacy of fruit and spice with lemon jubes, rosewater, white honey and just a twist of white pepper on the finish. Will evolve well. Too sweet for my spiced pork and yam casserole so chill and enjoy for tasty drinking this summer. 13.5% alc. 9Sep2004.

Seifried Nelson Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Made in a medium, easy drinking style, this off dry wine is sweet and fruity with a spicy note to the warm, musky finish. 12% alc. $17-$19. 22Aug2004.

Seifried Winemakers Collection Nelson Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Far more varietal than its stablemate with musk, rose petals, spice and cloves, it is full and ripe with lovely balance and a long, full flavoursome finish and excellent length. 13% alc. $21. 22Aug2004.

Spy Valley Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Immediately ripe and luscious to the nose and taste. A totally delectable wine with musk, spice and just a hint of honeysuckle, very powerful and mouthfilling with a nice array of exotic spice that lingers long after the wine is swallowed with just a touch of white pepper on the finish. Sweeter than last year's gold medal winner with 12 g/L residual sugar, but beautifully balanced throughout. 14.5% alc. 22Aug2004.
Medium gold in colour and smelling a little like a gewurz from Alsace, the rich, full pungent flavours are crammed with lychee juice, musk, rose petal, Turkish delight and Asian spices. Oily in texture with a long, long finish, there's some underlying citrus to balance the richness. Almost hedonistic. 12 g/L residual sugar. 14.5% alc. $20.95. 29Sep2004.
Pungent, floral aromas and powerful, medium sweet flavours of musk, lychee juices and freshly crushed cumin and caraway spices, a powerful finish with a touch of orange water and a zingy, vibrant aftertaste. Beautifully balanced and focussed throughout. 14.5% alc. 12 g/l residual sugar. $20.95. 25Jan2006.

St Jerome Gisborne Gewurztraminer Medium 2004 (sc) A smoky style but this wine has not seen oak. It has all the delicate floral and spicy characters that seem to be a hallmark of Gisborne drinking well now with a great long musky finish.. Enjoy on its own, after a main Course or a smoky stinky Alsace style cheese. Good length. 12'5% alc. 17g/l rs. $18.95. 8Oct2006.

Stonecroft Old Vine Gewurztraminer 2004 Pale gold. Intense aromas of musk and rose petals lead to a dry palate but the fabulously ripe fruit gives an impression of sweetness. Smoker lollies, orange water and citrus with warm phenolics add weight, a fine delicate texture, 'just crushed' coriander seeds and in the background the hints of the liquorice of a black jelly bean. Dry and long with a delicate but quite luscious aftertaste. Made from 20-year-old vines. 13.5% alc. $30. 24Feb2005.

Te Whare Ra Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Pale in colour with delicately varietal scents of rose petal, sweetish and musky in the palate with a spicy richness and a mouthfillingly long, warm pink smoker lolly finish. It seems rather light on its own but is excellent with lightly spiced foods. 13.8% alc. 13.3g/L rs. $28. 9Sep2004.

Vinoptima Ormond Gewurztraminer 2004 - Gisborne Deep yellow gold in colour with a soft, delicately floral and honeyed nut scent and a rich, luscious, oily texture, it doesn't have the flamboyant aroma that is often associated with New Zealand gewurz, it seems so Alsace in style. It is ripe and lush with power and richness, sweet grapey fruit, hints of lychee, hints of stonefruit and a very, very long finish where the spicy nature of the variety makes its presence felt. Smooth and sensuous in its flow. Yum. 14.5% alc. $48.99. Cork. 31Jan2007.
Fragrantly scented and richly flavoured, this gorgeous wine is all about texture with a gently assertive attack of flavour and power. Full of tangelo and lime zest with orange water, honey, musky spices and ginger - it has it all. It's about 15 months since I last tasted this wine, and it's still evolving. Just hedonistic for GW fans. $55. 9Oct2007.
Golden in colour and oily in appearance, there's some lanolin notes to the bouquet and even a suggestion of oak together with honey and botrytis. Spicy and creamy with a savoury backbone, yet unctuous and sweet. The lingering flavours leave a lasting memory. Incredibly European-like, yet it's from Gisborne. If you have this in your cellar it is ready to drink now. 14.5% alc. Cork. $58.99. 18Aug2010.

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Gewürztraminer 2004 - Gisborne/Hawkes Bay (sc) Strongly perfumed with Turkish Delight, lychees and ginger flowers and rich luscious full flavours. Beautifully balanced with ripe fruit, an excellent example of a drier style of Gewurz. 14.5% alc. $25.95. 23Mar2005.

Villa Maria Private Bin Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) A rich, spicy scented, full-bodied gewurz, sweeter to the taste with a spicy backbone and a rich, oily texture. Cloves and lemon peel linger on the dry finish and it has a good persistence aftertaste. Excellent with food and from seven wines tasted with the pork and yam casserole this was the best match. 14% alc. 9g/L rs. 9Sep2004.

Villa Maria Reserve Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Pungent, full-on Turkish Delight and musky rose petal scents lead into a ripe, full-flavoured, luscious, tropical fruited palate laced with musk and spice, and a smoky musky finish. 14% alc. 8g/L rs. 19Oct2004.
Rose petal, Turkish Delight and Muscat grape-like flavours characterise this oily-textured Alsace look-alike made from a blend of Gisborne and Marlborough fruit. Very very spicy with luscious ripe fruit and a long pungent, musky finish. 14.5% alc. $25.95. 17Nov2004.

Villa Maria Single Vineyard Keltern Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Light gold in colour with aromas of lychees over exotic Asian spices - an infusion of ground coriander and cumin with a splash of lemon oil - leading into a warm, oily, Alsacienne-like palate that just flows into all the places that matter and bewitches with its beautiful flavour. It's oily in a slippery sense, not a greasy sense, if you get my drift, and sets off the Lemon Turkish delight, rose spice, mandarin peel and the honeyish finish with a lacing of orange pomander (an orange stuck with cloves and spices), beautifully. The aftertaste is long, exotic and harmonious and there's a slight graininess to the texture coming from the spices. 14.5% alc. $29.95. 12Aug2005.

Waipara Hills Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Beautifully varietal, with a perfume of white pepper, rose petals and musk, and off dry flavours with a lusciousness to the full, strong finish. Ginger adds some spicy heat, there's some juicy citrus, a touch of honeycomb on the finish and lingering flavours of rose petal and musk. Classic gewurztraminer in the true Marlborough style. 13.5%alc. $22.95. 1Mar2005.
There's a touch of sweetness to this silky textured drop with honeyed spices, lychee, rose petals and a hot spicy finish with Turkish Delight lingering deliciously. Fantastic varietal definition, sweet without being sweet, it has the x-factor and is easy to drink and enjoy. 13.5% alc. $23.95. 14Sep2005.

Wairau River Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2004 (sc) Pungent smelling with a lemony backbone to the musky, spicy flavours with a lacing of ginger and pepper. Not too heavy, it definitely drinking nicely now and will be great this coming summer. 14% alc. 23Aug2004.
Delicately pungent and varietal with a musky floral scent. A little hot in the mouth with gingery spices and a bright, zesty tingly character. It's a pretty wine with musk, rose petals and lemon biscuit flavours. Just a little slow to strut its stuff, but the finish is powerful and long with cloves and coriander-like spices lingering. 14% alc. $19.95. 30Apr2005.

William Hill Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2004 A light gold coloured wine that emits a beautiful perfume, it's like smelling a bunch of old-fashioned roses. There's a richness to the sweet-fruited, oily-texture palate, and it gets richer every mouthful but it is beautifully balanced and never overpowering. The finish is long and perfumed with rose petals, honeysuckle, Turkish Delight, pink smoker lollies, exotic spices and spiced citrus peel tantalising the aftertaste. But delicacy is a feature throughout. 13% alc. 13 grams residual sugar. $23. 30Apr2005.

2003 Vintage [top] [index]

Amor-Bendall Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2003 (sc) Lots of sweet musky stonefruits on the nose, it seems a little dilute in the palate first up. An off-dry wine with apples, lychees, rich musky flavours and a spicy finish. It makes me look forward to summer. A care-free wine, chill it to the max and enjoy with Thai. Very user-friendly. 13.5% alc. ***1/2 21Aug2003.
There's a distinguishing yeasty character in all the Amor-Bendall wines, which makes them easy to spot in blind tastings. I can smell it straight away on the nose while in the palate it is honeyed and mellow wine with a spicy finish. 13.4% alc. $22. 22Aug2004.

Artisan Sunvale Vineyard Gewurztraminer 2002 - Tolaga Bay Good aromatics with typical Gewurz spice. A medium style, quite citrussy in the palate, seems a bit light at first but fills out to a strong pungent finish. Quite refreshing with citrus, spice and a touch of rose petal. I call it a Riesling style of GW, as it is fresh and citrussy rather than one of big oily numbers. Serve chilled for quaffing on the deck in the summer. $18.95, 18Feb2004.

Cloudy Bay Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2003 (c) Rich and intense, this has an oily, slightly toasty, sweet-scented floral aroma with lemon-scented Turkish Delight alluring the senses too. Mouthfilling, rich and beautifully balanced with lychee, tangelo, kumquat, a ton of tropical fruit, and array of aromatic spices and feijoa blossoms and rose petals as it lingers. There's a slightly vanillin influence from the use of oak coming through the musky backbone and the texture is smooth and slippery. Stunning. Love it. 14.5% alc. 7.5g/l rs. 6Dec2005.

Coopers Creek Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2003 (sc) Very pale in colour with shy, delicate aromas of spice and damask rose and pungent flavours of lychee juice, tangelos, musky rose and sweet spices, it's just off-dry in sweetness. Screwcap. $16. 3Jul2003.

Dry River Gewurztraminer 2003 It's lifted and aromatically spicy on the nose with ginger spice and musk dominating the fragrance. It's seems like there are more lemony characters in this than the others (in a vertical tasting of DR Gwtz), it's a low acid wine so put it down to youth, phenolics and the vintage. There's a sweet floral honeyed character and a sweet tangelo influence with cinnamon and clove lingering. The texture is like satin, just gorgeous. 13% alc. 13Mar2004.

Forrest Estate Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2003 (sc) Pale lemon, and powerfully pungent in its varietal musk and old rose aromas, it’s laden with canned lychee juices, rose-flavoured Turkish Delight, lemon peel and aromatic spices. It’s not as oily as some gewurz’s and seems fairly dry but a sweetness emerges as it lingers. Very pure gewurz with a fragrant powdery finish. Screwcap. 13.5% alc. $24.95. AirNZ Gold Medal tasting. 26Nov2003.

Huia Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2003 It's a soft style, luscious in its texture, lots of clove, spice and musk, quite dry and floral but with the sweetness of juicy rockmelon and tropical fruit lingering. A big wine, it definitely needs food. 11Nov2003.
A drier styled handicapped a little in this tasting by following a sweet, delicate Riesling. Oily in appearance, perfumed musky aromas state the variety well and there's rose oil richness in the palate but it seems quite extracted, phenolic and unbalanced with a hard, nutty, bitter lemon finish. It simply did not deliver tonight. 13.5% alc. $25.95.28Apr2004.

Johanneshof Gewurztraminer 2003 - Marlborough Very pale in colour. Unmistakable to the variety with its perfumed rose petal bouquet and wonderful concentration of flavour with attar of rose, lychee and Turkish Delight to the fore. It's slightly sweetish, rich and textural with fabulous mouthfeel, terrific balance and immense concentration. Pink smoker lollies and exotic spices with just a hint of anise linger with nectarine on the luscious finish. A fantastic wine - gewurztraminer made just the way I like it. 13% alc. 8Oct2003.
Perfumed on nose, rich and unctuous in the palate. Good weight, lovely texture, Ripe peaches, honey, rose petal and musk. Developing some oiliness. Still growing in power, a lovely, lovely wine. 13% alc. 11Feb2004.
Straw gold. Rich and spicy, off dry with loads of freshly squeezed orange, passionfruit flavours, coriander spice and pink smoker lolly flavours in the oily textured palate. Quite citrussy overall but very concentrated with excellent luscious factor as it lingers with its musky, exotic spices. 13% alc.12May2004.

Lawson's Dry Hills Gewurztraminer 2003 (sc) A little shy on those nose, this is a richly concentrated, weighty wine with powerful flavours of citrus, musk, lychees and rose petals, perhaps not as good as last years but it is early days yet. The finish is long and complex. 14% alc. ***1/2 21Aug2003.
Still drinking well a year on from vintage, spicy, citrussy, and well-balanced with a hot, smoky, full-bodied, richly textured musky finish. Great length and a pleasing musky aftertaste. 22Aug2004.

Montana Patutahi Estate 'P' Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2003 Smoky, honeyed to the scent, spicy in the palate with soft acidity and good mouthfeel and weight. Lightly spicy with delicate tropical fruit lingering on the sweetish finish with a mellow character throughout. 13.5% alc. $26. 22Aug2004.
Lemony, a little closed to the nose when first opened then just a few minutes later it becomes quite sweet smelling with a honey and lemon biscuit aroma. Sweetish to the taste, spicy with a toasty, warm grainy texture while apricot and orange linger on the long full-flavoured finish. With my pork and yam casserole, however, the wine was too sweet for the food. 13.5% alc. 9Sep2004.

Mount Maude Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2003 A crisp steely, gewurztraminer with some fruit sweetness that builds on the ripe finish with delicate spices and a musky richness. Good rounded phenolics and a fleshy mouthfeel. 5 Oct2004.

Rockburn Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2003 Watery pale, a drier style, lemony, a little nutty, it needs an awful lots of coaxing to reveal any distinctly varietal scents. Though dry there's a musky sweetness in the palate and the spicy richness we expect of this variety fills out and takes over on the lemony finish to linger nicely. Quite netural. Food friendly. 4 g/L residual sugar. 13.8% alc. $24.95. 7Aug2004.

St Jerome Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2003 Light and fruity with lemon, spicy stonefruit and a hint of Turkish Delight with white pepper and ginger on the finish and musky rose petal and stonefruit flavours lingering. A medium style that is light on entry but builds in the palate to a full rich finish. 12.5% alc. $18.95. 22Aug2004.

Stonecroft Gewurztraminer 2003 Harvested from extremely low yields of about a 1/4 tonne per hectare from 20-year old vines, this is outstanding, as it to be expected. Straw gold with bright hues, it's fairly subtle in its entry then explodes with flavours on the palate to reveal ripe spicy stone fruits, musk, Turkish delight and lychee juice. It’s rich and luscious as well as being completely dry and is very long on the palate, gently fading away with time. This wine was barrel fermented in old barrels, as Alan didn't have a tank small enough to handle the small quantity of fruit. 13% alc. $25. 29Feb2004.

Villa Maria East Coast Gewurztraminer 2003 (sc) Fragrantly scented, off dry, humming with white pepper and ginger atop juicy nectarine. Beautifully balanced, almost luscious, fresh, flavoursome and lively - great to drink on its own or to match to lightly spiced, strong flavoured foods. A blend of Gisborne,Hawkes Bay and Marlborough grapes. 13.5% alc. $17. 5Jul2004.

Vinoptima Ormond Gewurztraminer 2003 Pale lemon in colour, not too obvious on the nose at this stage, but unequivocally varietal and beautifully balanced with soft acidity and an oily silky texture in the palate. Spicy with hints of custard powder, pink smokers, rose petal spice, musk, lemon blossom and orange honey, it becomes a little grainy on the finish. Very Alsace in style with a powerful sweetish finish. 16g/L rs. 13% $48.95. 8Dec2004.

William Hill Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2003 (sc) Sweetly fragrant with spicy and floral scents reminding me of musky English roses, peppery carnations and the winter daphne, the taste continues the typically varietal theme with lychee juice, lemon/mandarin zest and Turkish delight on a warm oily texture. beautifully balanced throughout with a rich finish and a lingering aftertaste with a tickle of ginger, it is off dry and mildly delicate. 6 g/L residual sugar. 12.5% alc. $23. 7Aug2004.

Waipara Hills Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2003 (sc) Pale coloured, subtle on the nose at first, it improves as it sits in the glass to reveal apples and subtle cloves. A rich oily textured wine with the lanolin oily character of a Margaret Merrill rose, it's rich and spicy, full of rose flavoured Turkish delight, powerful, full-bodied and long with more spice on the zesty ripe finish. Apple flavours linger throughout. 16Nov2003.
Light gold and slightly oily in appearance. Rose petal & spice on nose, a twist of fresh lemon, lime, rose petals, violets, cloves and something almost like anise / black jelly bean in the palate, then ginger on the pungently spicy and long, sweet fruited finish with a wonderfully floral, candied violet aftertaste. Reasonably dry with ripe fruit sweetness. 13.5% alc. $21.95. 31Mar2004.
Rich & full on the nose, the potent aroma is the seductive foreplay for the powerful concentrated flavours ahead. It is rich and lush with five-spice, cloves, white pepper, musk, Turkish delight, sweet orange and ginger leading to an off dry finish with lovely balance, concentration & length. Drinking beautifully now and tasting drier than the residual sugar suggests. 15 g/l residual sugar. 13.5% alc. $22. 4Aug2004.

2002 Vintage [top] [index]

Allan Scott Gewurztraminer 2002 Very pale in colour. With its really pungent aromas and classical gw flavours, it was easy to pick the variety from this wine that was served blind. Lots of attar of rose, spices, a little ginger and musk. Really well balanced and doesn't taste as sweet as the 7 grams of residual sugar would suggest, there's a nice lemon twist to the finish of this pungently floral wine. Long and lengthy - gewurz as I like it. A hint of old oak adds complexity to the texture. First release of this variety from this producer. 9Sep2002.

Artisan Tolaga Bay Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2002 This is my style - powerful with musk and spice, off dry (10 g rs), moreish and really quite good. 20Aug2002.

Askerne Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2002 Water clear. Classic rose Turkish Delight flavour. Concentrated rose essence, pepper, muck and orange zest with rich rose flavours lingering with sweetish fruit. A very pretty gewurz. $19. 18Aug2002.

Astrolabe Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2002 There's musk, spice and orange honey on nose of this pungently perfumed gewurztraminer, that reminds one of the tasters of the Cussan's Hand Lotion that her mother used. It's hot and spicy with green ginger, rosewater and orange juice flavours, a sweetish wine but perhaps just a little but flabby. 13.5% alc. $18.95. 2Jul2003.

Bladen Gewurztraminer 2002 Pale, delicate gewurztraminer, dry and tangy and richly flavoured. 18Aug2002.

Burnt Spur Martinborough Gewurztraminer 2002 Excellent varietal characters on the nose of this very dry wine. While some classic musky gewurz fruit eventually emerges it's a little nutty at this stage and needs some time to develop. 13.9% alc. 1.3gm rs. 16Oct2002.

Cloudy Bay Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2002 Pale gold with lime glints, it smells sweetly fragrant and just a little luscious. Spicy with musky-flavoured pink smoker lollies, tropical fruit and just a hint of oak, it just seems to lack a little in concentration. But spend a few moments more on the wine and you will find lychee, Asian spices and poached white peaches emerging on the full, long finish. 8 g/l residual sugar. 14.5% alc. $29. 4Aug2004.
Smoky with aromas of mellow oak and wild yeasts, it's a soft, full-bodied, creamy gewurz, quite stylistically different to any other. It's a thinking wine rather than a quaffer and the price reflects this. 22Aug2004.

Collards Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2002 Rose and lychee on the nose. Lovely dry, delicate and varietal flavours with a Turkish Delight-rose flavoured finish. 18Aug2002.

Crossroad Destination Series Gewurztraminer 2002 Aromatic and spicy with canned lychee and orange juices, coriander and musk. It is ripe and bright with sweet fruit flavours and an off dry finish. $19.95. 15Mar2003.

Dry River Arapoff Gewürztraminer Selection 2002 Smells like Gewürztraminer should with terrific aromatics of musk, spice, flowers and honey. In the palate the sweetness hits straight up. It reminds me of apples that have been baked with a date in the middle. This flavour fills out to be joined by raisiny spices , honey, lemon honey and hints of plumped-up dried apricots. The finish is sweet and full, lifted and clean and lasts for ages. It is so well balanced it gives the impression at one stage that perhaps it could be dry, though of course it is not. It is decadently lush, sweet and syrupy, full and persistent - a GW for sipping whereas the earlier release from 2002, the Dry River Estate Gewurztraminer which was one of my 'Wines of the Year' in 2002, is the one I want a big glass of to drink. Try this with fresh peach poached in gewürztraminer syrup, grilled with sugar and served with marscapone and rose petals - see my foodfile for the recipe. 16Feb2003.
Light gold in colour , rich, fat and oily in the palate. Oily and lush with a beeswax, botrytis influence, honeyed, spicy, oily aromatics, spiced nectarines/oranges in syrup, becomes finer and more linear on the finish. Very long, honeyed, a little peachy, more obvious luscious late harvest style with lingering gingery / zesty spice. Great persistence with sweet fruit lingering. 13% alc.13Mar2004.

Dry River Estate Gewurztraminer 2002 Not too sweet and not too dry, just simply luscious in its flavour. It's all there - on the nose, every part of the palate and the flavour that lingers in the mouth long after the wine has been swallowed goes on, seemingly forever. I love the fragrance of lemon blossom and old English roses. I love the flavour of musk, citrus, honey, sugar and spice and all things nice. And I just love the concentration, the slightly oily texture and the touch of rose hip on the finish. 19Nov2002.
Quite exotic at first on the nose with subtle spice and a hint of rose. But later I thought it smelt a little tired and oxidised. The flavour, however, is quite exquisite and the freshly squeezed orange juice hits and lingers well to be joined by roses and spice. The texture and balance is easily the best of all the wines. It is also seemingly the sweetest of the wines so far. While it loses on the nose it still has the flavour and when the wines are revealed I find out why. It turns out to be the remnants of the Dry River Estate Gewurztraminer which was opened 2 weeks earlier. It was thrown into the tasting just for fun. Even though it has been open 2 weeks, the quality of the wine still shines through. See this Wine of the Week review for w/e 1Dec2002. GW tasting - 4Dec2002.

Framingham Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2002 (sc) Lemon biscuit and roses on the nose, strongly flavoured, oily, lemony, rich and powerful becoming quite sweet and luscious on the finish. Developed well, still rich and powerful with lush flavours of rose, musk and spice. The residual sugar adds the luscious factor. Good wine but too overpowering for the delicate flavours of a Tandoori Chicken - would be better with Thai. 13.5%. 12Apr2003.

Fromm Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2002 Dry, aromatic, floral and steely with a subtle power that builds in the palate. Quite nutty with zest spices, it's silky in texture and lingers well with a subtle rose petal influence. The more you drink the richer it gets and Turkish Delight joins in too. 14% alc. 1.5gm rs. 26Aug2003.

Huia Gewurztraminer 2002 Nutty aromas. In the mouth it seems so sweet and rich, but it only has 3gm rs. It is the natural yeasts that give the sweetness says winemaker Claire Allen. Musky ripe lemon and stonefruit and plenty of spice. So rich it is almost over the top, while the nutty yeast flavours linger on the long rich finish. Needs time for the yeasty flavours to settle and integrate. Dec. perhaps. 23Sep2002.

Huntaway Gisborne Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2002 Strongly scented yet delicate with a floral musky and orange blossom aroma. Good nose at first but later it had disappeared into the ether. This is a sweet, toasty, flavoursome wine with the toasty not from oak but an orange toffee-like toastiness (if that makes sense). Quite juicy too with some very attractive spice. It just seems a little clumsy and not quite integrated at this stage. Has the potential to develop however. 17/20. 13.5%. GW tasting - 4Dec2002

Kemblefield Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2002 Spicy, lots of citrus and orange flavours tending a bit towards rotten oranges however.
Another bottle was opened. 2nd-bottle. Rose petal, hints of cloves, very delicate with a rich palate weight emerging. Lovely spice profile with hints of ginger and a nice twist of lemon and orange on the finish. This well-textured wine is very tight in its youth and needs a few months to develop and open up. 19Aug2002.

Kemblefield 'The Distinction' Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2002 Spritzig character to this pale wine. Sweet scents of roses, orange rind and barley sugar. However in the mouth it is a little odd with pungent herbal and cough medicine syrup-like flavours. I don't really like this. 15/20. 13% . GW tasting - 4Dec2002

Lawson's Dry Hills Gewurztraminer 2002 Quite delicate at first with its subtle spiciness but the richness soon becomes apparent. A dry, spicy, leesy wine with hints of apricot and lots of attar of rose, ginger and musky spices. A weighty wine that is balanced, clean and long. 15Aug2002.
Quite delicate scent but underlying the delicacy the palate is powerful and rich. Sweet citrus is overlain with citrus, ginger and orange blossom. The more I try of this wine, the more I like it. 18Aug2002.
Quite pungent on the nose with citrus more in the lemon spectrum together with sweet smelling florals and musk. The more I smell this wine the more I like it - it just keeps getting better. Quite unctuous and spicy in the mouth - you know you have a wine in there. Lovely balance and great length. Honey, orange, roses, musk and dried five spice on the finish. Quite a weighty wine with a smooth, oily texture. Perhaps high alcohol too. Later it seems a little steely on the finish. Very good. I originally scored it 18.5/20, then marked it down to 17.5 than elevated it back to 18.5 again. It's definitely gold for this very concentrated delicious wine. 14.5% alc. GW tasting - 4Dec2002
Spiced orange citrus in the palate, cloves and ginger, rose petals and lychees, it's reasonably dry with an intense spicy flavour and lots of alcohol that gives a flush of heat to the juicy finish. Very long in flavour with a honeyed richness. 19Mar2003.
Bright yellow gold, seemingly quite developed in colour. Oily texture, rich attar of rose, ginger, cardamom and five spice, then honeycomb on the finish. Quite hot to the palate otherwise well-balanced. Abundant rose petal on the concentrated finish. 9Jun2003.

Longridge Gisborne Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2002 Strong aromas with lots of sweet scented flowers, citrus blossom and spice. Very good. Spicy in the palate. A more citrus spicy style. Lots of musk and lychee flavours. A little hot however - higher alcohol probably. Quite juicy lemon and orange citrus finish. Most acidic so far. Drier too? Good length with some orange honey coming out - fairly concentrated in the rose department as it lingers. A thirst quenching style. Good. Later orange juice, cloves and cardamon spices linger. 18.5/20 13.5%. GW tasting - 4Dec2002.
Lemon coloured, fragrant, spicy, musky, gingery with just the slightest hint of overripe citrus. In the palate, orange juice, a touch of musk and a lingering rose petal finish. Medium style not showing as well as it did (from this bottle) as it did earlier in the year. ***. 7Aug2003.

Margaret John Gewurztraminer 2002 From NZ's most southern commercial vineyard comes this fragrant gewurz with wonderfully varietal aromas of lychees, rose petals and cloves while in the palate it is crisp and lemony with a spicy bite. Made in an off dry style. $18. 14Apr2004.

Margrain Martinborough Gewurztraminer 2002 Petillant (tiny bubbles) in the glass. Pale coloured. Served chilled it has citrus on the nose and lemon honey and white flowers in the palate. A sweetish wine, like sweet marmalade with just a touch of ginger but with terrific balance so it is not at all cloying. There’s some lovely summer herb flavours in here too, perhaps some lemon grass, or perhaps it is just the citrus peel. Whatever it adds a nice intrigue to the end. As the wine warms up it has more typical geuwurz flavours of rose petal and spices. 14.5%. 18.5/20. 7Dec2003.
Bright, lively, lemony, lemon meringue, mouthfilling, titillating, slightly viscous texture, spicy lifted finish. You know you've got something in your mouth when you drink this. It has lots of depth and a great aftertaste. (Different bottle to yesterday). *****. 8Dec2003.
Enticingly fragrant with lemon Turkish Delight, musk and spicy scents, full bodied and weighty with in the palate ginger marmalade, candied lemon, lychee juice and a touch of lemon grass adding an intriguing herbal twist to the end. A luscious wine, perfect either chilled or at room temperature, a wine to enjoy with salty or spicy foods. I took a bottle of this wine along to a party and it was very popular, everyone loved it. 18.5/20. 13Dec2003.

Montana 'P' Patutahi Estate Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2002 Sweetly scented with spun sugar and citrus rind. A sweeter wine in the palate with lots of spices like cinnamon and five-spices in freshly squeezed orange. Quite juicy, well-balanced, a little oily, smooth and long. Spice lifts the finish. This is simply a lovely refreshing and very drinkable wine and the finish just goes on and on. Excellent in the sweeter wine category. 13.5% 18.5+/20. GW tasting - 4Dec2002
Watery colour. Quite closed on the nose, some faintly floral aromas perhaps. Quite strong in flavour with first-up acid drop and mandarin flavours developing into full rich juicy lime and lemon. It's quite tight, fairly tart and just a little astringent and there's a cheesy (Brie) and slightly sulphury character on the finish. 13.5% alc. $21.95. 30Apr2002.
It was hard to pick the variety of this pale coloured wine when tasting it immediately after the Schlumberger. The Alsace wine had been so rich and pungent with its typical Gewurztraminer perfume but the 'P' seemed to have almost none of the hallmark traits. Could it be a vibrant, juicy, aromatic Pinot Gris, a Viognier (I certainly detected apricots), a sweetish fruity Riesling or perhaps some obscure variety from somewhere around the world? But it was indeed Gewurztraminer and NZ Gewurztraminer at that. It had a slightly musky tropical and stonefruit nose with just a hint of caramelising sugar and a full rich and fruity sweetish, sugary, juicy ripe apricot and tropical fruit flavour, but no Turkish Delight or lychees. It was, however, thoroughly delicious drinking and the flavours lingered for ages. 13.5% alc. $25.95. 23Apr2003.

Millton Gisborne 'Growers Series' Gewurztraminer 2002 It's an oily style of gewurz, slightly spritzy and citrussy with lots of ginger, peppery spice and rose infused honey flavours on a soft acid structure with good length. Just a little understated in expressing its varietal character so good for those who sometimes find the gewurztraminer flavours overpowering. 13% alc. 1Oct2003.

Peregrine Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2002 Showing a slightly honeyed aroma and seems older than the other wines in the lineup with either a bit of burnt sugar or burnt match. ?sulphur perhaps. There's also a metallic character in the mouth that overpowers the pungent flavour. However as I look for redeeming features I find some nice orange and musky spices in there and the finish is actually not too bad with a strong rose flavour. It seems a sweeter wine. I don't like the entry but I do like the finish. Will look forward to trying another bottle to confirm whether this particular one was faulty. 14.5% alc. GW tasting - 4Dec2002

Phoenix Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2002 It takes a while to show it true varietal character on the nose but there's good definition in the palate. It's an off-dry, spicy, oily style with spiced oranges, Turkish delight, ginger and clove-like spices, rose petal infused sugar and the more bitter rosehips. Slightly developed. Well-balanced. Extra good length. 14% alc. 1Oct2003.

Siefried Dry Gewurztraminer 2002 Wonderfully classic flavours of lychee, orange, musk and ginger. Dry but ripe. Rich and very long in flavour. Delicious. 18Aug2002.

Soljans Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2002 (sc) Lovely punqent lemon skin aroma. Quite spritzig -(bottled only 2 weeks), floral and spiced apple aromas. Just off-dry, this gw has a nice perfume and pungency and a good full-bodied lingering finish. $17.50. 6 Jul2002.
A light breezy aromatic style to suit lightly spiced foods or simply as an aperitif on the deck on a cruisy sunny afternoon. Good spicy backbone and length, still drinking well 2 years on from vintage. 13.5% alc. 6g/L rs. $18. 22Aug2004.

Spy Valley Gewurztraminer 2002 Sweeter style and a little disintegrated and herbal at this stage. Powerful sugary finish, seems a little unbalanced. 9 grams r.s. 18Aug2002.

Stonecroft Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2002 Smells of lychees and spiced raisin bread, this a really rich, full-bodied, spicy Gewürztraminer, quite concentrated in its flavour of rose Turkish delight. It is reasonably dry but the balance and texture is superb, so I could be delusioned. No I am not - it has only 5 grams of residual sugar. The finish is dry and spicy with a lift of lemon and an oily nuance with a herbal twist to the finish, reminding me of crushed summer herbs such as coriander. I like this wine very much. $30 on mail order. 17Feb2003.
Distinctively varietal with sweet musky rose petal and lychee juice aromas, this is rich and oily textured with Turkish Delight, spices, nuts, icing sugar and excellent fruit weight. Very long and flavoursome. Good wine. 13.5% alc. $39.95. 4Jun2003. *****

Villa Maria PB East Coast Gewurztraminer 2002 Just off dry with the aromas of lychees and the flavours of ripe peaches and oranges together with spice. There's a coriander influence in this weighty wine which will make it perfect for Thai foods that use this herb - my favourite is Thai fish cakes. $17. 31July02.
Soft acidity, quite musky flavours, rose water and orange juice but there's a hard note on the finish. Has good varietal flavours though with lots of spice lingering. Great for the BYO Thai. $20. 19Jun2002.

Villa Maria Private Bin Gewurztraminer 2002 Showing a classic gw nose with rose petals, musk and exotic spices. Quite citrusy in the palate with lemons as well as orange. Good flavour, refreshing but lacks the unctuousness of some of the others. Bubble gum flavour. But perhaps it doesn't need it. Pungent in its flavour and spicy and flavoursome in its length. White pepper perhaps as the finish is definitely a little hot. High alcohol again perhaps. Lots of spritz. 17.5/20. Perhaps more. ? alcohol. GW tasting - 4Dec2002

Villa Maria Reserve Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2002 Very perfumed and floral like a ladies boudoir, the delicate flavours are quite mellow in the palate with a broad leesy lemony finish, just lacking a little punchiness two and a half years on from vintage. 14% alc. 4g/L rs. 19Oct2004.

Waitiri Creek Central Otago Gewurztraminer 2002 (sc) Broad tropical fruit flavours in this just off dry lightly spicy wine with a herbal twist to the finish. Produced every second year. 14% alc. $30. 22Aug2004.

Wrights GW Gewurztraminer 2002 Quite rich and creamy with a touch of hokey pokey, orange citrus overtones and some definite cinnamon spice on the nose. It is darker in colour and its flavour is completely different to the others in the line-up. I wonder if a component has seen oak or had some wild yeast ferment, but the bottle only mentions a 20% component of botrytised grapes. As the wine lingers I can taste the classic varietal flavours of musk, rose, spices and acidic citrus fruit like orange and mandarins. Made organically without animal products but does have added vitamin C. This is NZ's first Vegetarian Society approved wine. 16/20. 10% alc. GW tasting - 4Dec2002

2001 Vintage [top] [index]

Babich Winemakers Reserve Gewurztraminer 2001 (Hawkes Bay) Excellent varietal gewurz aromas with a talcy perfume. Orange juice and spice in the palate. Warm and full and slightly sweet with Turkish Delight, rose water, musk, and ginger. Mouthfillingly rich flavour with hints of pepper spice lingering on the extremely long and flavoursome finish. A step up in the quality of Babich Gewurz in my opinion. $27. 27Mar2002.

Black Ridge Gewurztraminer 2001 Spicy and zesty with very delicate but well stated flavours. Musky and deliciously varietal with flavours of lychees and spices. Vineyard was planted with Matawhero cuttings. 20Aug2002.

Brookfields Gewurztraminer 2001 Pungent with strong beeswax and peach scents. Sweet ripe fruit , musk, spice with a lovely richness and balance. There is no botrytis in this wine. I think the beeswax-like richness possibly due to low cropping. Good lusciousness. Good cellaring potential. 5Nov2001.

Crossroads Classic Gewurztraminer 2000 Rose petal aromas. Plenty of peppery spice, sweet lemon, lychees and musk with a nice touch of freshly squeezed orange on finish and then a touch of caramel? (brown sugar). 26Sep2001.

Dry River Arapoff Gewurztraminer 2001 (Martinborough) Well coloured with pale golden hues. A gorgeously lusciously sweet gewurz with delicate orange blossom, spice, musk, Turkish delight and rose petal. It has a lovely texture and richness and is very much in the Alsace mould with its luscious factor and palate weight. A nectar of a wine, with its sweet, slightly, syrupy, stickiness. 12 gms residual sugar. This is Neil McCallum's first single release of a gewurztraminer from the Arapoff vineyard. $29. Dry River Release Tasting. 16Sep2001

Dry River Estate Gewurztraminer 2001 well-coloured and reeking of orange blossom honey with subtle spice and the fragrance of blossoms. In the mouth the texture is quite viscous and the honeyed richness is almost overpowering at first but as the mouth attunes, the juicy citrus, orange zest, spice, white pepper and fragrant blossom flavours come through. With understated power the flavour goes on and on and on, with incredible citrus and spice lingering. $40. 25May2002.

Forrest Estate Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2001 (in stelvin) A pretty blosson spice aroma, then in the palate a rich, full, intense, spicy, peppery gewurz flavour with rose petal, Turkish delight, musk and lemon. Oily and luscious, with juicy orange on the lingering finish, where a little sugar emerges and sits sweetly on the palate. $21 18.5/20. Tasted blind on 28Aug2001.
Lemon & sherbet. Sweet zesty, orange blossom, pink smokers and spice. Improving daily. 26Sep2001.

Huia Gewurztraminer 2001 Lovely musk and rose petal aromas. Zesty citrus and musky spices. Very ripe and fairly dry with delicious sweet fruit of lemons and oranges, a touch of yeasty nuttiness, honey, lifted florals and a touch of white pepper. $25.00. 24Sep2001.

Kemblefield Gewurztraminer 2001 Honeyed aromas with a hint of beeswax. The texture of this wine struck me with its oiliness that makes the wine flow nicely thru the palate. Richly flavoured with lemon drops, honey, smokers and Turkish Delight with a sweetness like a smattering of icing sugar on strawberry pleasing the palate, leaving a bright sweet citrus (lemon/grapefruit) finish with musky overtones that linger for ages. Served chilled, this wine certainly hit the spot. Sugared grapefruit (like at the Chateau) And the juiciness of watermelon.

Lawson Dry Hills Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2001 (in stelvin) Just the most gorgeous aroma with delicate rose petal, orange blossom and soap-like floral scents. Very ripe and luscious in palate yet not overpowering. Excellent balance. A little yeasty nuttiness along with spice, honey, orange, roses and some lychees. A spicy, oily note on the finish. 10/8/2001

Margrain Gewurztraminer 2001 (synthetic) Soapy aroma with a hint of herb. Citrus that tends to marmalade in character dominates the palate. There's honey, spice, flowers and rosy characters. It's ripe and balanced with a good finish that has spice, cloves and musk lingering. 14.5% 33gms rs. 16Oct2002.

Mills Reef Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2001 Lovely sweet candy, floral, spice and Turkish Delight. Rather full on in the palate, enrichening as it lingers. 18/20 28Aug2001.

Millton Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2001. A sweeter style. Spicy and spritzig with soft sherbet and balanced sweetness. This will be a delicious summer drinking wine, served chilled on a hot day. 16.5/20 16Sep2001.

Phoenix Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2001 Turkish Delight and rose petal aromas. So subtle at first in the palate with delicate spice, then Turkish Delight starts to emerge and the wine just explodes in flavour from then on to a strong, spicy finish. A medium style with good balance and alcohol weight. It's got everything - a superb example of NZ gewurztraminer. 18.5/20 28Aug2001.

Rippon Gewurztraminer 2001 A dry nutty style with plenty of spice and flavour. A moutfilling gewurz that is just fabulous with Thai flavours, especially those at the Thai Rain Forest Restaurant in Albany . $20. 26Jan2002.

Saints Gisborne Gewurztraminer 2002 Gently attractive aromas of orange juice and floral scents. A bit herbal upfront and quite dry and steely lacking oomph but becomes quite classic as it fills out and soon seems sweeter. Lots of freshly squeezed orange and honey in this wine with some nice spices coming out on the hottish finish. Seems short but the second mouthful is better and the wine lingers well. 15.5-16/20 (bronze). 13.5% alc. GW tasting - 4Dec2002

Soljans Gewurztraminer 2001 Medium style with refreshing and slightly diluted lemon and orange juice flavours and fuller, musky, lychee-like flavours while the spiciness of orange zest with a hint of ginger and a touch of clove lingers well. A good hot summer's day style. Drink chilled. 26Jan2002.

Siefried Nelson Gewurztraminer 2001 Lovely sweet spicy fruit with subtle musk and floral rose petal nuances with underlying peach fleshiness. Crisp and refreshing yet rich and luscious with a very long finish. 17.5/20 28Aug2001.
This off-dry wine is nicely balanced with juicy citrus, fizzy spices like ginger and a nice touch of coriander and lychees on the nose. It's a mouthfilling and flavoursome wine with just enough sweetness to balance the juicy citrus acidity. There's a good fragrance of lychees on the finish and persistent musk flavours (think pink smoker lollies) linger. Best served just slightly chilled. 25Jul2002.

Stonecroft Gewurztraminer 2001 What an amazingly concentrated wine. Richly aromatic nose, rose perfumed talcum powder, spiced orange peel, honey and bees wax - but there no botrytis in this wine. In the mouth it's very delicate with citrus rose petal but underlying power and concentration. Has the typical intense oiliness of concentrated gewurz with lemon oil balanced to the sweetness of Turkish delight and the spiciness of ginger. Long and powerful, this is a very special gewurztraminer - perhaps the best ever made in NZ. A miniscule crop meant the wine was made in old French oak as there was no tank small enough. $35. 16 Feb2002.

Te Whare Ra Duke of Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2001 Pale lemon in colour. A really appealing fragrance of flowers, talc and spice. A richly concentrated gewurztraminer, quite luscious in the palate with strong peach, lychee, musk, citrus and a hint of angelica. Warming from the outset with its 14.5% alc. Lifted spice on the finish. Another great GW from TWR. $25. 17Oct2001.
Pungent aroma with lilacs and roses. Apples at first then powerful Turkish Delight overtake the palate. Immensely powerful and concentrated with musk and slightly oily texture. A dry wine that lingers forever. Quite delicious. Most people liked it too. $25. 6Feb2002.
Pale straw. Very perfumed too overpowering for some newcomers to this variety. "Lychees" said someone. "Soap" said someone else. Rose essence was very strong. Powerful flavours with musk, ginger, cinnamon and other spices, and that soft acidity of orange juice. The spice of five-spice powder lingers on the hot finish, no doubt influenced by the 14% alcohol. 9May2002

Villa Maria Private Bin Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2001 Very pale in colour with a delicate aroma that hints of apples and zingy spice. In the palate it is full-bodied with a rich and oily unctuous richness with classic rose petal flavours. The spicy apple flavour lingers on the finish. 17.5/20 28Aug2001
First whiff I thought 'ginger beer', then some attractive floral nuances, ginger flowers, perhaps. I don't have any ginger flowers but there are plenty of other blossoms in the garden right now. I picked some orange & grapefruit to compare. Grapefruit was the best but not as good as the sweet scents of the white wisteria. In the palate, ginger spice and lemon zest then plenty of bright flavours. Full bodied, rich texture, medium acidity. Freshly squeezed hot orange juice. Lovely balance and good varietal flavours. Good for summer drinking. 3Nov2001.

Waipara Hills Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2001 Rich, spicy, even a little toasty with full-on flavours of Turkish Delight and lychees. Classic pungent gewurztraminer flavours linger on the juicy, juicy, juicy finish. Just off dry. 24Jul2003.

Whitehaven Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2001 Shy, citrus aromas. A lovely, seemingly dry wine, but with 13.6 grams of residual sugar this is definitely in the medium sweet category. Terrific balance and classical gewurz flavours of rose petal, musk and spice with an oily unctuous texture. Turkish delight flavours linger. Even with its 14.0% alc. by volume, it is not at overpowering but very long in flavour and simply 'yum'. The grapes for this wine were sourced from the Two Ponds vineyard near Grovetown, Marlborough. 19/20 16Sep2001.

2000 Vintage [top] [index]

Alan McCorkindale Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2000 ($24.95) is one of the best South Island examples of this variety, endorsed by the gold medal and trophy it won at last year's Air New Zealand Wine Awards. Pale in colour and with a classic 'rose petal' perfume it is intense in flavour with musk, Turkish delight, lychee, lemon leaf and the spice of white carnations. ***** March 2001

Black Ridge Gewurztraminer 2000 (Central Otago) Powerful pungent aromas with a lovely array of spice, musk and Turkish delight. Dry but ripe, with a soft zesty finish with plenty of orange blossoms. Quite delicious. 18Sep2001.

Cloudy Bay Gewurztraminer 2000 This is a barrel-fermented wine and although 8.6gm rs it is seemingly drier. It's honeyed and toasty and quite floral in a way with a really long and mouthfilling flavour . There's subtle musk and a luscious spicy finish with hints of botrytis influence. Was there bot? I must check the notes. 23Sep2002.
Not showing much on the nose at first but later fairly pungent with aromas of citrus oil, honey and lychees. This is a strong flavoured wine in the palate with orange toffee, roses, honey and lychee flavours. It's a fairly luscious with lots of orange juice and five-spice to sweetly top it off. It's rather juicy and lingers well with good acidity. I thought at first that the toffee was overpowering but later it seemed quite delicate and by the next day it had totally disappeared. I consider this an excellent example of NZ GW and in the blind tasting didn't even hint that it could be two years older than the others. Tried it with a marinated turkey breast and it was superb - the best match by far. 17.5 - 18.5/20. 14% alc. GW tasting - 4Dec2002

Crab Farm Late Harvest Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2000 (picked at 27 Brix, with 10 grams residual sugar). Pungent lemon-like aromas and zesty, spicy yet delicate fruit with hints of Turkish delight and emerging rose petals. An unctuous style with soft zingy musky spice flavours lingering. 16Sep2001.

Dry River Estate Gewurztraminer 2000 This smells like a Gewurztraminer should, with musk, lychee, rose petals and the merest hint of nuts. It is intensely sweet in the palate with overripe grapefruit flavours giving way to sugary lemon. The wine, with its luscious, viscous texture, grows on you as you sip it. It reminded me of the flavours of sweet luscious lemon Madeira cake, spices and nuts with lingering lychee and musk on the finish. ($29.00). 18Mar2001.

Huia Gewurztraminer 2000 Powerfully scented orange blossom with white pepper and ginger spice. quite luscious. Nice balance. Lingering finish. Powerful finish. $21.95 18/20 23 May 2001

Kemblefield Gewurztraminer 2000 A bit subdued on the nose but in the palate delicately gentle spice with orange zest, gentle musk, subtle oiliness, talc mineral and a sweetish, spicy (ginger) finish. It is a very pretty wine with a long finish. Perhaps silver medal quality. FG 14Oct2000 and **** March 2001.

Longview Estate Northland Gewurztraminer 2000 grown from the variety's only vines in the north, is a well-balanced, spicy, medium style with sweet citrus and apple fruit and plenty of varietal musk-like character. $15. 14Oct2001.

Margrain Gewurztraminer 2000 Fruit is sourced from the leased Haythornwaite vineyard. This wine is so totally closed up at the moment and there is virtually nothing on the nose. Slight at first in the palate but like all good gewurz's, this enriches. Good fruit and subtle gewurz flavours on the finish. I recommend that this wine is given 6 months to let the flavours unfold and blossom in the bottle. 16.5/20 with reassessment warranted. Nov 2000

Millton Gisborne 'Growers Series' Gerwurztraminer 2000 Non-organic. Citrussy nose, rich full-on spicy fruit, musk, rose retal, quite shy, lots of spice. Delicate at first but becomes quite powerful and lingers well. Reasonable amount of acidity and ginger zest on the finish. 11Sep2002.

Siefried Estate Winemakers Collection Nelson Gewurztraminer 2000 Delicate at first then an explosion of musky spicy flavours in the palate with balanced sweet ripe fruit, zingy spice, citrus and great length with lingering lemon, honey and a hint of peach. 18.5/20 28Aug2001

Spy Valley Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2000 This lemon-coloured wine boldly states its variety with rich scents of lychees, rose petals, musk and spice. 7 out of 7 if I was scoring, for I reckon a gewurz has to smell like a gewurz and intensely so, like this one. In the mouth the bold statement of variety continues. Rich and luscious with deeply concentrated musky spice and a 'pink smoker lolly' intensity. Stonefruits emerge - ripe peaches, then orange blossom and sherbet lingering on the finish - the aftertaste lasts for ages. It's a low acid wine with a little residual sugar and will go well with spicy food. For an incredible taste sensation, try this wine with crostini topped with watercress cream and then a slice of kina (sea urchin). $17.50. WOTW 3Dec2000.

Stonecroft Gewurztraminer 2000 this is what I had been waiting for and it didn't let me down. Subtle nuances of rose petal and spice. Very delicate flavours at first intensifying to lychee, spice, musk, rose-petal. Dry but so balanced and harmonious with incredible length and delicious vibrant spicy flavours lingering and tantalising in the mouth. Citrus lemony notes and sweet nectarine stone fruit on the finish. With just 4-5 grams residual sugar this is the driest Stonecroft Gewurztraminer ever and nearest in style to the delicious 1998. Yum absolutely yum. $25.00. 26Feb2001.

1999 Vintage [top] [index]

Bladen Gewurztraminer 1999 Very full bodied, rich and classic gewurz characters. Fabulous finish and gorgeous length. Only a tiny quantity made. Tasted 9/99 NZWTF.

Cloudy Bay Gewurztraminer 1999 A totally interesting wine made in a dry style and fermented in old oak barrels. Wild yeast flavours dominate at first then lovely musk and lemon Turkish Delight and spicy characters emerge. There a toasty richness that lingers with soft acidity on the finish. Very rich and mouth-filling. Cellar door availability only. 24Sep2001.

Forrest Marlborough Gewurztraminer 1999 First vintage. Delicate aromas and flavours. A character of rose petal, perhaps. But wait for the explosion as the richness of this wine makes itself known. Spice and musk and all things 'gewurzy' abound. It's full and intense with a touch of zingy acid on the finish. Powerful in its length, the flavours go on and on. I expect the nose of this wine will intensify as the wine develops, even as it sits in the glass for a while. An excellent wine and very enjoyable on the day. RRP $19.95. 25Aug1999.

Framingham Marlborough Gewurztraminer 1999 Gently aromatic scents are, full of citrus zest. Subtle on entry, the flavours explode in the palate while a lusciousness, with the oily texture of runny honey, fills the mouth. There's a myriad of flavours such as musky pink 'smoker' lollies, lemon oil, orange zest, citrus blossom, the rose petal flavours of Turkish delight and zesty fragrant spices of a middle eastern origin. As the wine lingers the spice strengthens and its flavour can be compared to that of white pepper - think of the peppery scent of carnations. Off dry (7.5g/L rs) and the acids are soft. Terrific length. $16. WOTW 22Oct2000.

Huntaway Reserve Marlborough Gewurztraminer 1999 This little beauty has just been released and with the couple of years since vintage it has gained a delicious richness and depth to the flavour. Pale in colour and lemon-rich, like the lemon in a lemon meringue pie with a honeyed richness to the taste, and garnished with a crystallised ginger-like spice. Dry on the finish and pretty intense in the length of flavour with its 14.5% alcohol. Recommended retail is $19.95. ****1/2 Mar 2001.

Matawhero Reserve Gewurztraminer 1999 Medium gold colour. Lifted lemon and musk aromas. Malolactic handling enhances rich musk and spice flavours in the mouth. There's some toastiness, spice and herbal nuances on the finish and sweet musk and floral notes linger. $26. 24Sep2001.
A burnished gold coloured wine with exquisite aromas of orange zest and spice. A rich and rich full-bodied dry wine with enough age to have developed an ever so slightly toasty complexity even though the wine has seen no oak. The flavour is soft and rounded with a touch of an oily coriander leaf flavour alongside the delicate fragrance of a Cecile Brunner rose. Spices such as cinnamon and whole cardamons emerge and linger on the full flavoured finish together with juicy orange and its zest. $25. 7May2002.

Matawhero Estate Gewurztraminer 1999 Bright yellow gold and although not as richly fragrant on the nose as the Reserve wine it has that classic gewurztraminer muskiness. It's a vibrant lifted gewurz in the mouth, full and fleshy with a stone fruit richness, classic gewurztraminer spice and a long full-bodied finish with lingering orange and cinnamon. It's nicely developed for current drinking and good value for the price. $16. 7May2002.

Stonecroft Gewurztraminer 1999 (Hawkes Bay) Aromatic with lychees, lemon-peel and spice appearing in the aroma. A bit of a yeasty note at first in the palate but evolves to be very full and rich. Some phenolics and a character I do not like, but this, whatever it is, disappears. A touch of acidity. It seems more advanced than the '98 at this stage and the flavours explode in the palate to become rich and full on the finish. Tasted 20/2/2000 at the Stonecroft release tasting.

Whitehaven Gewurztraminer 1999 (Marlborough). Rather a flat dull nose. In the palate soft musky spice and peaches. but lacks the lusciousness I would have expected for a gold medal winner at the Bragato Wine Awards. Perhaps a hint of TCA. FG 7Oct2000.

Villa Maria Reserve Gewurztraminer 1999 A blend of 60% Marlborough and 40% Hawkes Bay fruit. Soft aromas, not particularly pungent. Sweet, luscious fruit with lovely spice and rose petal. Deliciously balanced, gentle, delicate but a tad restrained at this stage. Excellent weight and gorgeous lingering texture and mouthfeel. 17/20. Tasted 30/10/2000

. 1998 Vintage [top] [index]

Cross Roads Gewurztraminer 1998 Rich, spicy, appealing aromas. Fresh classical gewurztraminer flavours - spice and musk. Although 10 grams of residual sugar, this wine has a dry finish. Tasted 9/99 NZWTF.

Dry River Gewurztraminer 1998 What a gorgeous, voluptuous, rich and full-bodied wine. Floral, spicy, musky aromas carry through to the palate. Very, very, very rich and probably quite high alcohol due to the warmth on the finish and the colour in my cheeks. Incredible flavours and length. Again some quite minerally components. An excellent example of Gewurztraminer. One to scare the socks off all the Alsace producers, should they get to try it. My favourite of the three white Dry River wines on show. $27. 13Mar1999.

Eskdale Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 1998 Rose petal and orange zest aromas and flavours typical of the variety. A quite mellow honeyed medium style with soft acids and spicy fruit that is taking its age well but probably at its optimum drinking window now. $19.95. 6May2002.

Montana 'P' Patutahi Estate Gisborne Gewürztraminer 1998
The colour is rich lemon with golden hues and the aroma is delicate but in the palate, wow, the full explosion of ripe Gewürztraminer grapes hits you. Exactly what is the flavour of this wine? Is it rose petals - or perhaps one of the pansy petals you get in the baby leaf salads from upmarket vege shops? Yes, there's some of that. But most dominant is the subtle honey character with delicate lemon citrus - so very ripe and soft. I also detect a hint of mealiness there too There's an emerging sweetness on the intense finish and a lively honeyed aftertaste with lingering spice. Long and satisfying. 13.5% alc. $24.95. WOTW 3Oct1999.

Phoenix Gisborne Gewurztraminer 1998: This is another gorgeous wine from NZ's best gewurztraminer producer. Fabulous aroma of lychees and spice overlain with the scent of blossoms. In the palate an elegant, rich, luscious flavour of ripe gewurztraminer fruit and a lovely persistence of flavours in the palate. Tasted Sep 1998 *****

Sandihurst Gewurztraminer 1998 Intense, lemon meringue, angelica and spice. Nice zingy muskiness. Good palate weight with a delicate richness and lifted finish with a lingering citrus and musk A little developed and an oxidate hint lingers with honey. 26Sep2001.

Schlumberger Fleur GW 1998. Gold. Deliciously pungently spicy gewurzy aromas. Baby oil, white flowers (think perfumed hand cream), and the scent of roses linger along with the musk of pink smoker lollies. Lemon oiliness, rich flavours, full of citruses of all kinds. Lifted, clean, refreshing! Nice oily texture. Very long, rich, spicy, delicious. $31.00. ***** 21 Feb 2001

Stonecroft Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 1998
A lemon coloured wine with gentle scents of a floral nature, in the palate the texture is fine and the wine appears dryish at first, then the flavours slowly open up and explode to a full-bodied, rich, rounded, mouth-filling experience. Lots of nuances of a variety of tropical fruits - lychee, banana, loquat, babaco - with a citrus oil coating and a touch of spice lead into a soft finish with a gorgeous persistency of length, keeping the flavours mulling around the taste buds for an eternity. Lovely balance. 14% alc. 8 g/L rs. WOTW 7Mar1999.

Te Whare Ra Marlborough Gewurztraminer 1998
Excellent varietal characters with hints of lychees on the nose then full-on voluptuous gewurztraminer flavours in the palate. Becomes quite floral. Terrific aftertaste and great persistence. A medium style with 17.5 grams of residual sugar. $20. WOTW 14Mar1999.

Villa Maria Private Bin Gewurztraminer 1998 This wine is a blend of Marlborough and Gisborne fruit. I found the aroma to be slightly unusual in that it exhibited lanolin aromas. It has interesting bubblegum and pear drop (lolly) flavours without being too spicy. Michelle says "these are purely unadulterated grapes". *** Sep1998.

Older Vintages [top] [index]

Matawhero Estate Gewurztraminer 1997 Yellow gold in colour with aromas of baked apple and lemon. An oily texture in the mouth with lifted spice, lemon musk and herbs. A fairly complex wine with a nice palate weight. The custard apple and creaminess that I detect on the finish comes from the malolactic fermentation. Lingering spice. $16. 24Sep2001.

Stonecroft Gewurztraminer 1996 Honey gold with a bronze hint. Floral, musky, citrus, orange rind, turkish delight, nettles and hot ginger spice. Very soft acids, rich and full-bodied and lush on the end palate with orange blossom lingering. Starting to develop. Probably at the end of its plateau and starting to head downhilll. A touch of astringency, perhaps. But overall very nice, rich and alcoholic with the blood rushing to my cheeks after only a glass.. An extremely long and lusciously pleasant aftertaste. 7Dec2000.

Stonecroft Gewurztraminer 1994 This was Alan's last bottle. Light gold with bright hues, mellow on the nose, showing some development, with sweet stone fruit aromas, very perfumed. Mellow in the palate too with delicate spices, rose petals and a lovely sweetness of fruit, though otherwise dry. Beautifully balanced with ripe fruit sweetness, there's a touch of zesty acidity and lingering spices. The finish is full and rich. I tasted this wine with Prawns seared with lime juice and Vietnamese mint, quite delicious. 13.5% alc. 29Feb2004.

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