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Welcome to Sue Courtney's web log (blog) of vinous ramblings.  One day I'll update it to proper blogger software but right now I haven't the time to research which blogging software is best, nor do I have the time to teach myself how to use it.  I'll stick to archaic html to record my daily events.  It's my on line journal and an adjunct to my website which is for more formal tasting notes and articles.

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December 2009
Dec 31st:Looking back on 2009 and Wines of the Year
Dec 24th:Planning the Christmas Feast
Dec 22nd:December Drinkies
Dec 21st:WOTW: Astrolabe Kekerengu Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Dec 16th:Decadent deserts with Zibibbo and Tickled Pink
Dec 15th:WOTW: Tickled Pink RosÚ 2009
Dec 14th:Tickled Pink by a Stolen Kiss on the Glad Stone
Dec 13th:Offline for a while
Dec 12th:Wine unites us
Dec 10th:What really is in the bottle?
Dec 6th: Chardonnay Feast
Dec 5th: Rumours of the 70's
Dec 1st: Ernest Hemingway on wine

November 2009
Nov 30th: WOTW: Blackenbrook Pinot Gris 2008
Nov 29th: A Wine Lover's Companion
Nov 28th: Shooting from the hip with a fully loaded revolver
Nov 26th: Lunch at Molten with Mitre Rocks
Nov 25th: Lunch at The Grove with Misha
Nov 22nd: Air New Zealand Wine Awards Trophies
Nov 21st: Lunch at the Enoteca
Nov 19th: What is the best value Champagne in New Zealand?
Nov 16th: WOTW: Church Road Tom Chardonnay 2006
Nov 16th: Riesling with Whitebait Fritters
Nov 14th: 297 gold medal winning wines
Nov 12th: A Sauvignon Gris please
Nov 11th: Marie Zelie - NZ's most expensive Pinot Noir
Nov 10th: Marlborough Wine Weekend Grand Tasting of Pinot Noir
Nov 8th: Marlborough Wine Weekend Grand Tasting of Sauvignon Blanc
Nov 6th: Excellence in Rodney rewarded and a new cellar door
Nov 5th: Last drink for wine pioneer
Nov 4th: Just how big is Marlborough - Part 2
Nov 2nd: Just how big is Marlborough - Part 1

October 2009
Oct 29th: Hob-nobbing with the A-listers
Oct 26th: Coleraine 1998 crushes opposition
Oct 24th: Holiday weekend books, movies and Riesling
Oct 20th: Amazing Felton Road whites
Oct 17th: Oh how I am impressed
Oct 15th: 2009 Hawkes Bay Wine awards announced
Oct 14th: Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewurztraminer
Oct 13th: New wines from new regions
Oct 9th: How much Sauvignon Blanc is too much sauvignon blanc?
Oct 7th: They're drinking our wine where?
Oct 5th: Here are the Liquorland winners?
Oct 4th: Where are the Liquorland winners?
Oct 2nd: New Zealand Pinot Gris still has a long way to go
Oct 1st: First Roses of Summer

September 2009
Sep 30th: 2007 vintage even better than anyone thought?
Sep 29th: Another heads up for 2007
Sep 28th: Who or what is Ngaruroro?
Sep 26th: Martinborough Pinot Noirs excel
Sep 22nd: Gorgeous Chardonnays
Sep 20th: A Night to Celebrate
Sep 17th & Sep 19th: Fifty Four wines from Nga Waka
Sep 14th: A Big Red Turkish Delight
Sep 11th: Chocolate and Bubbly Wine
Sep 8th: Chocolate Cameo Cremes
Sep 7th: Short and sweet
Sep 6th: Chardonnay, Shiraz and Riesling
Sep 5th: Who are Dhall & Nash? And what is Cristom?
Sep 3rd: Unison Mini Vertical
Sep 2nd: Bubbly Sauvignon Surprise

August 2009
Aug 31st: Under $25 wines and Akarua Pinot
Aug 28th: Impressions from Day Three of WINE
Aug 24th: Impressions from Day Two of WINE
Aug 23rd: Impressions from Day One of WINE and Dry River new releases
Aug 22nd: Wine Show Time again
Aug 20th: Dry River and New Zealand's most iconic Pinot Gris
Aug 19th: A new wine from Northland and a moderately aged Hawkes Bay red
Aug 18th: Wine Bloggers do matter
Aug 17th: Catching up on Wednesday tastings
Aug 14th: To Sir with Wine
Aug 13th: Better to drink wine than make wine - tonight it's Camshorn
Aug 11th: A full-bodied Porters Pinot takes care of my steak
Aug 9th: Going on a Witch Hunt - and the winner is ....
Aug 5th: Beating a path to Mt Tambourine
Aug 3rd: Sunshine Coast Wine Tour - Day 3
Aug 2nd: Sunshine Coast Wine Tour - Day 2
Aug 1st: Sunshine Coast Wine Tour - Day 1

July 2009
Jul 27th: Noble Sweetie Wine of the Week
Jul 25th: Airline Wine and Food
Jul 23rd: Matakana Matches with Crusted Lamb
Jul 22nd: Pinot, Tamarillo and Thai Basil Beef
Jul 20th: Lost and found in Muddy Water
Jul 17th: Not So Common Verdejo from Spain
Jul 16th: Earthquakes, Earth's End and the Haka
Jul 15th: Compare and contrast two Pegasus Bay reds
Jul 14th: Bastille Day tipple
Jul 13th: Vibes from the Hawkes Bay Hot Red Road Show
Jul 11th: A wine from New Zealand's first Chinese owned vineyard
Jul 9th: Hot red Marzemino and a blockbuster called TOM
Jul 6th: Hedonsitic Sweetie
Jul 5th: Just a tiny trickle of new vintage Sauvingon Blanc
Jul 4th: A toast to the USA with ESJ
Jul 4th: Kiwi winners overseas and other news tipples
Jul 3rd: Recent Wednesday Highlights and more on the recent Waiheke Expo
Jul 1st: Maximus at Minimus

June 2009
Jun 30th: The most unlikely Pinot Noir wine and food match
Jun 29th: More on Chinese Winemakers in NZ
Jun 27th: Like your Gizzie Chardonnay?
Jun 25th: Who was really NZ's first Chinese winemaker?
Jun 23rd: Up on Centenary Hill
Jun 22nd: Mid winter Summer Sipping
Jun 21st: The First Glass Wine Options 2009
Jun 20th: A vertical of Passage Rock Syrah
Jun 15th: Waiheke Winegrowers come to town
Jun 12th: Riesling Confusion and Wednesday Tasting highlights
Jun 10th: Bottle Shock feedback
Jun 9th: Exciting Northland Pinotage
Jun 8th: Movie Review: Bottle Shock
Jun 7th: Premium drops from Margaret River
Jun 2nd: Outstanding Lineup of New Zealand Pinot Noir

May 2009
May 29th: A Rose amongst Yalumba's Big Reds
May 27th: New Zealand plays a role in new Pinotage book
May 24th: Twelve vintages of Stonyridge Larose and a cult Napa Valley Cabernet
May 22nd: Big reds on the menu both at First Glass and at my table
May 20th: First taste of 2009 vintage Sauvignon Blanc
May 19th: Nautilus Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2008 - Gold Medal IWC
May 18th: Eight Day opened Rieslings
May 16th: Bob Campbell MW at the Wednesday Tasting
May 14th: Licorice, Mushroom and Blue Cheese, and three quite different Pinot Gris.
May 13th: That distinctive catty Sauvignon Blanc aroma - is it really news?
May 11th: Neil's Pork with Pinot Gris
May 10th: Autumn touring and tasting
May 7th: Two Viogniers from two distinctly different southern places
May 6th: Another Bollinger rarity
May 5th: It's Bolly Darling, but not as we know it
May 4th: Wine and food Matching - New Zealand style
May 1st: Cuisine Top 10 Chardonnays minus 1

April 2009
Apr 30th: Focus on Nelson: Part 9 - Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer
Apr 28th: Impressionable Chardonnays - Oaked and Unoaked
Apr 26th: Cleaning out the spare room
Apr 25th: Wine Tasting for the Car Club
Apr 24th: Tasting Gold
Apr 21st: Saturday Night Superstars
Apr 20th: Focus on Nelson: Part 8 - Riesling
Apr 19th: Focus on Nelson: Part 7 - Chardonnay
Apr 17th: Focus on Nelson: Part 6 - Bordeaux Styled Reds
Apr 14th: File backups / Easter in New Plymouth / What is Vintage?
Apr 9th: Focus on Nelson: Part 5 - Where to go
Apr 8th: Focus on Nelson: Part 4 - More Pinot Noirs
Apr 6th: Focus on Nelson: Part 3 - Aromatics with Spicy Thai
Apr 5th: Ten years of First Glass tastings
Apr 3rd: Focus on Nelson: Part 2 - Waimea's Pinots
Apr 1st: Focus on Nelson: Part 1 - Syrah

March 2009
Mar 31st: Gorgeous Auckland Chardonnays
Mar 29th: Getting into some oldies
Mar 28th: The Gravitas Gambit
Mar 25th: Coconut Riesling and Lime
Mar 23rd: Corbans Cottage Block Chardonnay takes Easter Show top gong
Mar 19th: 2005 or 2006 - is the wine's good, does the vintage matter?
Mar 18th: It's Semillon, not Sauvignon
Mar 17th: Tasting Update on St Pat's Day
Mar 15th: Montana's 30th vintage Sauvignon Blanc
Mar 4th: Out of Town and a Vinous Detour in Taupo
Mar 3rd: More Gold Medal Wines and my Wine of the Week
Mar 1st: Why wine judges like beer

February 2009
Feb 27th: The end of a short era at First Glass
Feb 26th: A preview of the new Penfolds Bins
Feb 25th: A retrospective Stonecroft tasting
Feb 24th: Nostalgia at Eskdale
Feb 23rd: That stunning Stonecroft Gewurztraminer
Feb 22nd: Hawkes Bay wineries new and not so new
Feb 21st: Art Deco Wine Diversion
Feb 20th: Lumbering round Eastern Hawkes Bay
Feb 19th: A wine tourist in Gisborne
Feb 17th: Chardonnay from another Bay
Feb 16th: Peachy Chardonnay
Feb 15th: Gorgeous Sweeties
Feb 12th: Key Wine Critics visit New Zealand
Feb 11th: Blame it on the Weather
Feb 10th: Corked Wine Replacement
Feb 8th: Sweltering heat thirst quencher and hedonistic Pinot Noir
Feb 7th: Savouring the Savvies
Feb 5th: Why we like Pinot Gris and why we don't
Feb 2nd: Doing what you love

January 2009
Jan 31st: Consumers are the winners
Jan 29th: Vale Ross Lawson
Jan 28th: Focus on Marlborough Pinot Noir
Jan 27th: An Expensive Whine
Jan 25th: Doctors' saintly prescription for carefree summer drinking
Jan 24th: Dry Riesling with a little bit of age
Jan 23rd: Clark's Boreham Wood
Jan 18th: What about Marlborough Pinot Noir?
Jan 16th: The Chardonnay of the Year?
Jan 13th: Book Review: First Big Crush
Jan 12th: A wine and food match that works
Jan 11th: The best laid plans
Jan 10th: A new vineyard hub in lower Northland
Jan 9th: A vinous tour of Central Otago
Jan 8th: Mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-re please, of this pretty Momo Pinot Gris
Jan 7th: More juicy RosÚs polarised in style
Jan 6th: Everything's coming up RosÚs.
Jan 5th: Corbans history revisited
Jan 1st: Out with the Old, In with the New


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December 2008
Dec 31st: Three wine connections in New Years Honours
Dec 27th: Christmas Day Wines
Dec 24th: Pinot Noir and Cranberry Relish
Dec 23rd: Puhoi Valley cheeseman serves beyond the call of duty
Dec 22nd: Passage Rock Viogner and other Auckland wines star at The Big Picture
Dec 21st: Getting Stoned
Dec 19th: The Boy's Best
Dec 18th: Compare and contrast two high flying Pinot Noirs
Dec 17th: Herb Flower Therapy
Dec 16th: 'Tis the Season ....
Dec 12th: An English Regional Wine
Dec 9th: A BYOW to bookmark in Auckland CBD
Dec 7th: Syrah Week: Two Benchmarks poured at Wine New Zealand
Dec 6th: Syrah Week: A Syrah Master Class
Dec 5th: Syrah Week: Six Syrahs (or Shiraz, actually) at the Wednesday tasting
Dec 4th: Syrah Week: Usually famous for Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir
Dec 3rd: Syrah Week: The Trophy winning Church Road Reserve Syrah
Dec 2nd: Syrah Week: Balanced perfecton from a precipitous site
Dec 1st: New Zealand Syrah has its rite of passage

November 2008
Nov 30th: More food to eat with Sauvignon Blanc
Nov 29th: More tasty Sauvignon Blancs
Nov 28th: A Wednesday tasting *and* a Thursday tasting too
Nov 26th: ... Or did they?
Nov 24th: The TV News got it wrong
Nov 23rd: Church Road strikes again
Nov 22nd: Gold Medal Value and News Update
Nov 20th: Misha's Lucky Eight
Nov 19th: All Important International Recognition
Nov 18th: Sometimes the wine needs to be chilled
Nov 17th: Another juicy Waipara Riesling
Nov 16th: Dom Mondillo stars at the Wednesday tastings
Nov 14th: What does Stelvin mean?
Nov 12th: Air NZ Wine Awards medals announced and my Gold Medal Summary updated
Nov 11th: Still on the Riesling kick ...
Nov 9th: Blast from the Past - 2000 vintage Sauvignon Blanc
Nov 8th: Ravishing Rieslings at the Wednesday tasting
Nov 7th: Record exports, falling domestic sales and other news snippets
Nov 5th: Sauvignon Blanc food friendly nibbles
Nov 3rd: The most exciting wine from Matakana
Nov 2nd: Gorgeous Pinot Noirs at the First Glass tasting

October 2008
Oct 30th: Tempranillo and a bit of OlÚ OlÚ
Oct 29th: Off the beaten winery track on Waiheke Island
Oct 27th: The real argy-bargy
Oct 25th: Michelle Richardson at Wednesday's Tasting
Oct 23rd: Gold Medals, Gold Medals and More Gold Medals
Oct 22nd: Cuisine's Top Pinot Noir almost trumped at Tasting
Oct 21st: My Four Top Sauvignon Blanc producers star in a blind tasting
Oct 19th: Toasting Martinborough
Oct 18th: Super VFM Chardonnay - again
Oct 16th: Rare granite wine growing land on Redoubt Hill
Oct 15th: Wine Gluttony
Oct 13th: Take heed of the producer's recommendations
Oct 12th: Riesling to drink now and Riesling to drink in 5 years time
Oct 10th: Catch a Thief
Oct 9th: Pork, Apple, Sage and Pinot Gris plus a Sauvignon Blanc
Oct 7th: Sense awakening savvies
Oct 6th: Liquorland announces its Trophy Winners
Oct 5th: 25 Steps and More
Oct 4th: A tasting of Trophy winning wines
Oct 3rd: Aniseed and Sauvignon Blanc - a surpisingly delicious combination
Oct 1st: It's Simply Beautiful

September 2008
Sep 28th: NZIWS Trophy wines announced
Sep 26th: Four Auckland wineries win gold
Sep 23rd: Exciting Austrian white
Sep 22nd: NZIWS tallies and exciting 'Other Reds'
Sep 21st: Wild man of the Loire, Didier Dagueneau, dies
Sep 18th: Still madly writing tasting notes
Sep 16th: My 'Professional Wine Taster' apron
Sep 15th: Being a Wine Judge for a Day
Sep 13th: North versus South at the Wednesday Tasting
Sep 11th: Spring into a season of tastings
Sep 10th:Oh my gosh - another mindblowing Savvie
Sep 9th:A handful of tasty 2008 savvies and more
Sep 8th: Another trophy for the Man for All Rieslings
Sep 5th: NZ scoops Best Red Wine at IWC and other news
Sep 4th: Wine New Zealand 2008 - Part Two of Day Three
Sep 3rd: Wine New Zealand 2008 - Part One of Day Three
Sep 2nd: Wine New Zealand 2008 - Part Two of Day Two
Sep 1st: Wine New Zealand 2008 - Part One of Day Two

August 2008
Aug 31st: Wine New Zealand 2008 - Day One
Aug 29th:'s Top Ten Producers of Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec and blends
Aug 27th:'s Top Ten Gewurztraminer/ Pinot Gris Producers
Aug 26th:'s Top Ten Syrah Producers
Aug 25th:'s Top Ten Pinot Noir Producers
Aug 24th: News interruption
Aug 23rd:'s Top Ten Riesling Producers
Aug 20th:'s Top Ten Chardonnay Producers
Aug 19th:'s Top Ten Sauvignon Blanc Producers
Aug 18th: Ten Years of
Aug 17th: A Few August Tipples
Aug 13th: Birthday wine liberated a decade later.
Aug 12th: Chardonnay excellence from Sacred Hill continues
Aug 11th: Pork with Five-Spice, Dried Apples, Kumara and Pinot Gris
Aug 9th: A few early birds from 2008
Aug 8th: First Glass Wine Olympics
Aug 6th: Elspeth at the Narrow Table
Aug 5th: WOTW: Saint Clair Pioneer Block 14 Doctors Creek Pinot Noir 2007
Aug 4th: Travels with Wine Episode 5 - Karikari Estate
Aug 3rd: Bledisloe Cup of Pinot Noir
Aug 2nd: Moroccan spices and Gewurztraminer

July 2008
Jul 31st: Wet, wet, wet
Jul 30th: Neil's Stuffed Mushrooms - a "taste sensation"
Jul 29th: Cork versus Screwcap comparison with Taylors Shiraz
Jul 28th: Tempranillo and Tamarillo - a darn fine match
Jul 27th: Chardonnay, Cribbage and Crunchy Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Jul 26th: A range of Moet Hennessy portfolio wines
Jul 25th: Bubbles for the Rich Listers
Jul 23rd: A day in Kerikeri with Travels With Wine
Jul 22nd: A foreboding sign for newspaper wine columnists
Jul 21st: WOTW: Sacred Hill 'The Wine Thief Series' Syrah 2006
Jul 20th: A rosette for Shipwreck Bay
Jul 19th: A big "Moomma" from "Rrrrhhharse"
Jul 17th: Rod Malcolm's Leek and Parsnip Soup matching Pinot wines
Jul 15th: Potato, Leek and Blue Cheese Casserole
Jul 14th: More Beaujolais, Ti Point and Sacred Hill
Jul 13th: A darn fine 11-year-old Beaujolais
Jul 12th: Pinot Noir highlights from the weekly Wednesday tasting
Jul 8th: Sauvignon Blanc anyone?
Jul 7th: Land without Sundays
Jul 5th: Homage and Church Road - two great New Zealand syrahs.
Jul 4th: Rosenblum Petit Sirah 2005 from San Francisco Bay
Jul 3rd: Marsden's Legacy to New Zealand wine
Jul 1st: NZ winners in San Francisco

June 2008
Jun 30th: A pink rose for a blue lady and Riverby Pinot Noir
Jun 29th: First Glass Wine Options 2008
Jun 26th: NZ Wine Blogs
Jun 25th: Genetics, Brett and Te Motu
Jun 24th: Discovering Pinot Noir
Jun 23rd: The Art of Blending
Jun 22nd: Eating wine
Jun 20th: Wine's iconic Tim Finn
Jun 19th: New Zealand trophy winners at IWC
Jun 18th: Obikwa Cheapie
Jun 17th: Confusing my P's and V's.
Jun 14th: Yalumba's new 'Single Site' Shirazes
Jun 13th: We knew it was going to be big, but did anyone predict THIS big?
Jun 12th: Compare and contrast two Main Divide Pinot Noirs
Jun 11th: Travels with Wine
Jun 9th: Warming Winter Whites
Jun 8th: BYOW could be the answer
Jun 7th: Magic Mushrooms and Merlot
Jun 5th: Matariki Celebrations start today
Jun 4th: Wine with Dinner: Saint Clair Marlborough Chardonnay 2007
Jun 2nd: WOTW: Babich The Patriach 2004

May 2008
May 29th: A Grunty Aussie Red Tasting at First Glass
May 28th: An Auld Alliance with Lamb
May 27th: WOTW: Brunton Road Gisborne Pinot Gris 2007
May 26th: Second Chance Chardonnay Reprieval
May 24th: Red and White and Black all over
May 21st: A wine-friendly Venison Pattie and Smoked Mushroom Stack
May 20th: Church Road release new wine in style
May 19th: Coxhead Creek vantage point.
May 18th: Discovering a Gabion.
May 17th: First Taste of 2008.
May 16th: Some "Not So Common" wines at the First Glass tasting.
May 15th: Aromatic Lamb Shanks with Olives, Oranges and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.
May 14th: Vintage 2008 Savvie out already.
May 10th: Isabel zest ups Fennel.
May 8th: Twin Islands and Opawa Pinot Noirs.
May 7th: Unveiling David Herd.
May 6th: How to cook Cavolo Nero.
May 3rd: Cuisine Magazine's Top Ten Chardonnays.
May 1st: A tasting of Penfolds 'Luxury Wines'.

April 2008
Apr 30th: Starting and finishing the month on a 'Grasshopping' high
Apr 28th: WOTW: William Thomas Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2007
Apr 27th: Two Tasty North Island Pinot Noirs
Apr 25th: Peace. Pax. Lest We Forget.
Apr 21st: WOTW: Coal Pit 'Tiwha' Pinot Noir 2006
Apr 19th: Super VFM Thornbury Chardonnay
Apr 13th: WOTW: Lochiel 'The Laird' Fortified Dessert Wine
Apr 9th: Remembering 1968 and Vintage Update
Apr 7th: Toasting Marsden
Apr 6th: A Spiritual Vinous Epiphany

March 2008
Mar 31st: Wine of the Week: Saltings Estate Malbec 2006
Mar 30th: Newsletter No. 51 has been posted
Mar 28th: Lunch with Danny Schuster at One Tree Grill
Mar 27th: Cork or Screwcap - who decides?
Mar 26th: Wine Soaked Pears and Blue Cheese Salad
Mar 25th: Lunch at Heron's Flight
Mar 23rd: Late Summer Sauvignon Supper
Mar 21st: A-maz-ing Aromatics
Mar 18th: A classic food pairing with Dog Point wines
Mar 17th: Celebrating St Patrick's Day
Mar 14th: Te Mata Showcase tasting
Mar 13th: Sauvignon Blanc - Lost in Translation
Mar 11th: Iconic Dry River Pinot Noir is Wine of the Week
Mar 10th: Two gold medal Rieslings from West Brook
Mar 9th: Syrah on top - 3rd year in a row
Mar 8th: Toast a Wine Woman today
Mar 7th: Self-saucing peach and blue cheese-stuffed chicken thighs with bacon
Mar 5th: The cultest New Zealand Pinot Gris
Mar 3rd: New releases of Cult Wines - Ready, Set, Buy
Mar 2nd: Vinous Street Names
Mar 1st: The rain falls

February 2008
Feb 29th: Seductive reds for Leap Day
Feb 28th: Newsletter No. 50 has been posted
Feb 27th: Did somebody get the quantities wrong?
Feb 26th: Royal Easter Show Wine Awards - NZ Gold Medal Update
Feb 24th: Royal Easter Show Wine Awards judging
Feb 22nd: Te Koko - Outstanding Alternative Sauvignon Blanc
Feb 21st: Two new Montepulcianos - Morton Estate and Weeping Sands
Feb 20th: Dining out in Marlborough - Herzog Bistro review
Feb 19th: Vintage Underway, Lindauer Cellar closes and other industry news
Feb 18th: More Chardonnay Impressions - Trinity Hill, Cloudy Bay, Twin Islands
Feb 17th: Mother Clucking Chooks at the Wednesday Tasting
Feb 15th: What did you do for Valentine's Day?
Feb 11th: Wine of the Week: Woollaston Pinot Gris 2007
Feb 9th: Gemilicious Festival Fun
Feb 8th: Wines with Maori names or connections
Feb 7th: Maori is cool - so try Tohu
Feb 5th: Feb Newsletter and Sustainable Buzz
Feb 4th: Industry News and Wine of the Week
Feb 3rd: The Woodbox at Mystery Creek
Feb 1st: Outstanding NZ Syrahs

January 2008
Jan 31st: 287 Golden Wines
Jan 29th: Pegasus Bay Maestro 2003 - a wine for three courses.
Jan 28th: Auckland Anniversary Day and Marlborough Vintage Update
Jan 26th: Drink an Australian wine today
Jan 25th: Cloudy Bay sings an Aria and sends Shirvers up the spine
Jan 24th: The names behind the new labels and Ebbitt Oyster winners
Jan 23rd: Vaynerchuck reviews new labels from the locals
Jan 22nd: RIP Sir Edmund Hillary
Jan 21st: Wine of the Week: Pegasus Bay Dry Riesling 2007
Jan 20th: Five Refreshing RosÚs
Jan 18th: A Quartet of Viogniers
Jan 17th: Matakana Wine Festival and aged Hyperion red
Jan 15th: Crimson Wine of the Week plus 12,000 Miles
Jan 14th: Bosca, Brick Bay, Millton, Rippon, Kim Crawford and Pegasus Bay impressions
Jan 11th: Wednesday Tasting Highlights
Jan 10th: Best of 2007 - Part 3
Jan 9th: Best of 2007 - Part 2
Jan 8th: Best of 2007 - Part 1
Jan 6th: Picnic at Puriri Hills
Jan 5th: Pizza Patate and Chenin Blanc
Jan 3rd: From the Bering Sea to a table in Auckland
Jan 2nd: Les Amoureuses - a wine to make you fall in love with wine
Jan 1st: Was there a New Years Eve?


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Top

December 2007
Dec 31st: Signing off for the Year
Dec 24th: Wine of the Week: Fromm Marlborough Spatlese Riesling 2006
Dec 22nd: First Glass Favourites
Dec 21st: It was the best of years, it was the worst of years
Dec 19th: Gewurztraminer with or without the umlaut
Dec 18th: Exclusive Bremertons eat at Bruschetteria
Dec 17th: NZ Wines reviewed in Taste Food and Wine 2008
Dec 16th: Weekend Reading - New NZ Wine Guides
Dec 15th: Wine Blogging Wednesday - Que Sirah Sirah - summarised
Dec 14th: In Praise of Riesling
Dec 13th: Blind Tasting
Dec 12th: Wine Blogging Wednesday - Petite Syrah
Dec 11th: More Pinot Gris - Wines with Kiwi Flair
Dec 8th: Minted Lamb Backstraps and Stone Paddock Cab Sauv
Dec 7th: Life Saving Wines from Bach 22
Dec 6th: An impromptu trip to Matakana and a new cellar door
Dec 5th: The Auswine offline in Auckland
Dec 4th: The perfect gift for the wine lover who has everything
Dec 3rd: Wine of the Week: Askerne Hawkes Bay Gewurztraminer 2006
Dec 2nd: French wine highlights

November 2007
Nov 28th: Wine of the Week: Matua Valley Paretai Sauvignon Blanc 2007
Nov 25th: And the big Air NZ Wine Awards winner is .... drumroll please ....
Nov 24th: Collards not quite closed, just yet.
Nov 24th: Highlights from Wednesday's tasting
Nov 22nd: Just how influential is Wine Spectator?
Nov 21st: Vineyard Concerts
Nov 20th: The Missing Pinotage
Nov 19th: Three stellar Chardonays from three different regions
Nov 17th: V is for Vermentino
Nov 17th: Promoting your products and promoting your successes
Nov 15th: New Zealand's first Master Sommelier
Nov 14th: Tasting Gold
Nov 13th: New Zealand scoops Tri Nations Trophies.
Nov 12th: They come, they go.
Nov 11th: How to exhaust a visiting winewriter in just two days!
Nov 9th: THE wines from Marlborough
Nov 8th: More Wine Show Reports
Nov 7th: Stuffed Mushrooms and Ruby Bay Pinot Noir
Nov 6th: NZ's best unoaked Chardonnay , ever?
Nov 5th: The judges got the Gunn right
Nov 4th: Pinotage for Peter
Nov 2nd: News Snippets
Nov 1st: Sunrise over the Wairau

October 2007
Oct 31st: Fighting the Frost
Oct 30th: Wine of the Week: Auntsfield Pinot Noir 2006
Oct 29th: Marlborough Wine Weekend
Oct 29th: David Herd Life Time Achievement Award
Oct 26th: Blast from the Past: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 1988
Oct 25th: Wine of the Week: Greystone Pinot Gris 2007
Oct 24th: Collards closes its doors
Oct 23rd: Controversy erupts over Hawkes Bay Wine Awards Champion
Oct 23rd: Awhitu Wines - as far as you get get off the beaten track
Oct 22nd: Gisborne's International Chardonnay Challenge another show with a drop in entries
Oct 21st: Delish Lamb Drums and Coopers Creek Syrah
Oct 19th: Frost bites hard in Marlborough
Oct 18th: New Vineyard Location: Paewhenua Island
Oct 17th: Hawkes Bay Wine Show winners found
Oct 16th: New Vineyard Profile: Boreham Wood
Oct 15th: Coopers Creek release 'Select Vineyards' series
Oct 13th: New Zealand winners in Japan
Oct 12th: launches in New Zealand
Oct 11th: Warkworth's Kowhai Festival this weekend
Oct 10th: A trade tasting with a difference.
Oct 9th: Marlborough Wine Weekend
Oct 8th: Weeping in my glass of wine
Oct 7th: At least we won something!
Oct 6th: Just how long does a previously opened bottle of Barossa Shiraz last?
Oct 5th: Judging Sauvignon Blanc
Oct 4th: Cloudy Bay released
Oct 3rd: News Tidbits and the Tri Nations Wine Awards Dinner

September 2007
Sep 30th: A night of glitz and glamour
Sep 29th: Gorgeous, gorgeous Foxes Island Chardonnay
Sep 27th: Another use for left over wine
Sep 26th: Creamy Ceps and Foxy Pinot Noir
Sep 24th: Bill Hardy presents Thomas Hardy
Sep 24th: Wine of the Week: Ohinemuri Estate Patutahi Riesling 2006
Sep 22nd: Wednesday's Tasting - New Arrivals
Sep 21st: An enviable tasting task
Sep 19th: Buds pushing pretty
Sep 18th: Pegasus Bay Late Picked Aria Riesling as a main course wine
Sep 17th: Puriri Hills Reserve Reds and Carmenere
Sep 16th: Kiwis scoop IWC Winemakers of the Year
Sep 14th: Church Road Cure Kids Dinner
Sep 13th: Hedonsitic Sweeties
Sep 12th: Wine Boggling Wednesday
Sep 11th: Wine, wine everywhere still not a drop to drink
Sep 10th: Wine, wine everywhere but not a drop to drink
Sep 10th: Wine of the Week: Seifried Pinot Gris 2007
Sep 9th: Pasha-ionate matches to new Terroir Series Pinot Noir
Sep 7th: Chardonnay, Shiraz and Spanish Reds
Sep 6th: Sparkling Wine Seminar
Sep 5th: NZ Sommelier of the Year 2007
Sep 5th: Wine New Zealand finale
Sep 4th: VIP Wine Tasting reveals some stunners
Sep 3rd: A Gris Day Out - Wine New Zealand Day One
Sep 2nd: Whitebait Heaven
Sep 1st: Spring Fever

August 2007
Aug 31st: Two from Shaw and Smith in the Adelaide Hills
Aug 30th: Wine Industry Pioneer mourned
Aug 29th: Te Awa and Clearview Oaked Sauvignon Blancs
Aug 28th: Follow the Blind Trail and smell the Wild Earth
Aug 27th: Weekend Winners
Aug 24th: The best line-up of New Zealand reds ever?
Aug 23rd: Helen Clark opens Bragato Conference
Aug 22nd: Strange Bedfellows - Nottage Hill and Dry River
Aug 20th: Wine of the Week: Felton Road Pinot Noir 1999
Aug 20th: A billion glasses of New Zealand Wine
Aug 19th: Brothers In Arms
Aug 17th: Who is on the Rich List?
Aug 16th: Felton Road with Blair Walter
Aug 15th: New Zealand Wine Exports to Canada grow
Aug 14th: New Releases from Esk Valley
Aug 13th: Saint Clair, Lincoln, Matua and Pegasus Bay
Aug 11th: Cuisine's Best NZ Red and Best Winery Restaurant 2007
Aug 10th: Learning French with Saint Clair
Aug 9th: Babich, Rongopai, Rosebank in the News and more on WBW
Aug 8th: Ra Nui Marlborough Chardonnay 2006 for Wine Blogging Wednesday
Aug 7th: Hatton Estate Tahi One
Aug 6th: Weekend Sojourn to Omaha Bay
Aug 5th: Wine Orbit - a new New Zealand wine publication
Aug 4th: Older Pinot Noir and Lamb Shanks
Aug 3rd: Even More on Mikasa and Wednesday's highlights
Aug 2nd: A couple of wines from Seresin and more on Mikasa
Aug 1st: Clayridge Marlborough Pinot Gris 2006

July 2007
Jul 31st: New Zealand Wine Pure Discovery
Jul 30th: Wine of the Week: Awaroa Organic Vineyard Syrah 2006
Jul 29th: An intriguing Barolo
Jul 28th: Three Central Otago Rieslings from Rippon and Wild Earth
Jul 27th: Montana Poetry Day
Jul 26th: The John Forrest Collection
Jul 25th: Two Sexy NZ Syrahs separated by a Strait.
Jul 24th: High New Zealand dollar hell for exporting winemakers.
Jul 23rd: Two top blended reds - Schubert and Alpha Domus
Jul 21st: Wine Judging Seminar proves worthwhile for Cath
Jul 21st: Highlights from the Wednesday tasting
Jul 19th: RRP and Sale Prices
Jul 18th: Six Chardonnays: Nelson vs Marlborough.
Jul 17th: South Africa's Pinotage Top 10 goes international
Jul 16th: Wine of the Week: Hinchco Dessert Merlot 2005
Jul 14th: A French wine for Bastille Day
Jul 13th: Stunning Kumeu River Chardonnays
Jul 13th: Rosemount Diamond arrives
Jul 12th: Wine Tasting Term: Mealy
Jul 11th: Dinner by Candlelight and Pinot Noir
Jul 11th: I'm expecting a diamond today!
Jul 10th: Old Wine goes for $14,000
Jul 9th: Morton Estate 'Marchioness of Morton' Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Jul 8th: Spanish Lamb Cutlets and Pesquera
Jul 7th: Saturday afternoon Chardonnays
Jul 6th: Gemstone Wines and benchmark Pinot Noir
Jul 5th: Pruner shortage in Marlborough
Jul 4th: American Wine Drinking Day
Jul 3rd: Wine and Health
Jul 2nd: Wine ofthe Week: Villa Maria Waldron Chardonnay 2004
Jul 1st: Impressive results for New Zealand Wines in San Francisco

June 2007
Jun 30th: Villa Maria, Dry River and Vidals Soler at Art Ducko
Jun 29th: Cuisine Aussie Shiraz Tasting Redux
Jun 28th: Spicy Sausage Soup And Spicy Shiraz
Jun 27th: Penfolds "rare" wines hit supermarket shelves
Jun 25th: Croatia National Day and Babich Syrah
Jun 24th: The Wine Circle in Kumeu
Jun 23rd: Morton Estate and Mercure
Jun 22nd: Winter Solstice
Jun 20th: Trophy Fest at 2007 London IWC
Jun 19th: Australia's National Sparkling Red Day
Jun 18th: Wine of the Week: Matariki Aspire Chardonnay 2005
Jun 17th: Spanish Saturday at First Glass
Jun 16th: Thoroughly Modern Baumann
Jun 15th: Wine Grower Magazine online
Jun 14th: There is such a thing as a free lunch
Jun 13th: A stunning Sauternes at Wine Options
Jun 12th: A Txakolina by any other name
Jun 11th: More on Wine Options and "Lost in Translation"
Jun 10th: We won at Wine Options!
Jun 9th: The back label code at NZBC
Jun 8th: A Belated Italian day celebration with Frescobaldi Chianti
Jun 7th: Ole to the Kiwis in Spain
Jun 6th: Craggy Range Sophia
Jun 5th: Rare 1903 wine up for auction.
Jun 4th: A well preserved white and red from Vidal Estate.
Jun 3rd: Hunter Valley Chardonnay and a new restaurant tipoff.
Jun 2nd: Kumeu and Huapai's vineyards under threat from Waitakere mayor's grandiose scheme
Jun 1st: A Beattieful Book Blog with an interest in wine.

May 2007
May 31st:The Carbon Footprint furore
May 30th: 2007 preliminary harvest report
May 29th: Screwcap Initiative gets vocal on the radio
May 28th: The scented garden in May
May 26th: Weekend Trivia with a Grey Ghost
May 25th: Argentina's National Day
May 23rd: New Zealand wines shine in London
May 22nd: Summer at the Bach in Autumn
May 21st: 2006 Mahi and 2007 Coopers - savvies rule!
May 20th: A vinous detour between Auckland and Hamilton
May 19th: Mills Reef Elspeth Gimblett Gravels Hawkes Bay Malbec 2005
May 18th: Jacob's Creek, Johann and Centenary Hill
May 17th: Beetroot Risotto and William Thomas Pinot Noir
May 16th: Latitude 35 versus Latitude 45 - Two Chardonnays Excel
May 15th: Viognier Workshop for Gisborne
May 14th: Spy Valley Envoy - Wine of the Week
May 13th: Do you want to be a Wine Judge?
May 12th: The Best Show in Town
May 11th: A Hot White amongst the Hawkes Bay Hot Reds
May 9th: Hawke's Bay Winemakers coming to town
May 8th: Wagyu Beef and Yalumba Tempranillo
May 7th: Scaremongering Screwcap Cancer Link
May 6th: Stonyridge Larose 1996 - just in time
May 5th: Duck Season
May 4th: Not So Common
May 3rd: The Good Gout.
May 2nd: Marlborough Harvest Report.
May 1st: May Day.

April 2007
Apr 30th: Wine in the Glass House.
Apr 29th: Wine of the Week - Felton Road Riesling 2004.
Apr 28th: Number Two Chardonnay of the World.
Apr 27th: Anzac Day Challenge - NZ versus Australia.
Apr 26th: Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?
Apr 25th: Anzac Wines
Apr 24th: More dismally low yields
Apr 23rd: Talk about low yields
Apr 22nd: Riverby Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Apr 21st: Clayridge Excalibur Pinot Noir 2004
Apr 20th: Vineyard area
Apr 19th: Highfield leads the field
Apr 18th: Ravishing Rieslings
Apr 17th: Saveuring the Pinot Noir
Apr 16th: Guessing the origin of New Zealand Pinot Noirs
Apr 15th: A Degustation at Mudbrick
Apr 14th: Testing the Vintage
Apr 13th: New Winemaker for Wither Hills
Apr 12th: A Trio of Champagnes
Apr 10th: West Coast Wine
Apr 9th: A safe bet where wine is not a priority
Apr 5th: Champagne, Newsletter and Easter
Apr 3rd: Do you Zork?
Apr 2nd: Wine of the Week.
Apr 1st: New Zealand's first Sauvignon Blanc - debunking the myth.

March 2007
Mar 31st: Wet, wet, wet!
Mar 29th: Jane Skilton MW and Chateau Duhart Milon
Mar 28th: Crawford Farm Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Mar 27th: Harvest going well
Mar 26th: Marchesi Antinori and Solaia
Mar 25th: Stunning Syrah wins Easter's top prize
Mar 24th: Brandied Mushroom Pies and Pinot Noir
Mar 22nd: A couple of stunning Easter Show golds
Mar 21st: Recent wines, including a delicious, new pinot noir
Mar 19th: Taste, Terroir and the Pursuit of Quality
Mar 18th: 'Gold' Chardonnay in a Retro-Styled Jug
Mar 17th: Corned Beef and Cabbage for St Patrick's Day. What the ....?
Mar 16th: Hawks Nest Orchard Block Red
Mar 15th: Soljans Gisborne Pinotage 2005 with Mexican Spiced Tomatoes and Beans
Mar 14th: Cuisine Top Ten Chardonnay Tasting
Mar 13th: Julicher Martinborough Riesling 2005
Mar 12th: Phylloxera discovered in Martinborough
Mar 10th: Summerhouse Marlborough Chardonnay 2005
Mar 9th: Te Mata Coleraine and Zerrutti tasting glasses
Mar 8th: Micro-oxygenation and Ngatarawa Alwyn Merlot Cabernet 2005
Mar 7th: More than Champion Wine at Saint Clair
Mar 6th: Picking grapes
Mar 5th: Judging Wine at the Easter Show
Mar 2nd: Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 1996
Mar 1st: Penfolds Annual Release Tasting

February 2007
Feb 28th: Von Hovel Oberemmeler Hutte Riesling Auslese 2003
Feb 27th: Hyperion Helios Chardonnay 2006
Feb 26th: Clearview Unwooded Chardonnay, Peach Salad and Peach Soup
Feb 25th: Morton Estate at the Oscars
Feb 24th: Summer Salad and Seresin Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Feb 23rd: Four Alsace Whites, Four Spanish Reds, Four McLaren Vale Shiraz
Feb 22nd: Thai Scented Burgers and Corbans PB Hawkes Bay Syrah 2004
Feb 21st: Pinot Noir 2007 live on your PC
Feb 20th: Sacred Hill Sauvage Fume Blanc 2005
Feb 19th: Pork with Fennel and Pears
Feb 18th: Ten cents well spent - Ostler Vineyard Audrey's Pinot Gris 2006
Feb 17th: Veraison and Kerr Farm P04 Kumeu Pinotage 2004
Feb 16th: Venison Sausages and Okahu Estate Chambourcin 2004
Feb 15th: Anchorage Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Feb 14th: Pegasus Bay Aria Riesling 2006 for Valentine's Day
Feb 12th: BBQ Wines and Symington's Quinto do Vesuvio Vintage Port 1991
Feb 11th: More on the Waiheke Island Wine Festival
Feb 10th: Waiheke Wine Festival and Pilgrim Syrah Mourvedre Grenache 2005
Feb 9th: Leftover Wine and Fish in a Sherry and Mushroom Sauce
Feb 8th: Verdicchio
Feb 7th: Manaia Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Feb 6th: Waitangi Day and James Busby
Feb 5th: Heron's Flight Dolcetto and Duck
Feb 4th: Dr Loosen and Torus
Feb 3rd: Brown Brothers Crouchen & Riesling 2006 and Spicy Pork
Feb 2nd: Bilancia Hawkes Bay Pinot Grigio 2006

January 2007
Jan 31st: Pinot Noir 2007
Jan 30th: Mills Reef Elspeth reds from the 2005 vintage
Jan 29th: Concert under the Stars
Jan 28th: Wynns Michael Coonawara Hermitage Shiraz 1991
Jan 27th: Chapoutier Monier de la Sizeranne Hermitage 1991
Jan 26th: Gewurztraminer Redux
Jan 25th: Two Hands Sophie's Garden Padthaway Shiraz
Jan 24th: Ten Gewurztraminers
Jan 22nd: Margrain Chenin Blanc
Jan 21st: Gorgeous Syrah - Mills Reefs Reserve
Jan 20th: Comet McNaught and celestial wine
Jan 19th: Brian Bicknell pays a visit
Jan 18th: Summary of the Frist Glass Wednesday tasting
Jan 17th: James Love
Jan 15th: Matariki Chardonnay and corked NZ Pinot Noir
Jan 13th: Pomegranate and Pink Wines
Jan 12th: Wynns Coonawarra Rhine Riesling 1982
Jan 11th: First Glass Wednesday summary
Jan 9th: Book Review: How to Cook a Tart
Jan 7th: West Brook visit
Jan 6th: Gazpacho
Jan 5th: Roasted Peppers and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Jan 4th: Fluffy Omelet and Snapper with Sauteed Pears
Jan 3rd: Richmond Grove Riesling
Jan 2nd: Sumac
Jan 1st: The last night of last year

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